Madam Secretary: (S03E05) “The French Revolution”


This episode felt a bit anti-climactic. A lot happened that we were waiting for but it happened…quietly. I guess since this is a show about diplomacy, this is how these plot arcs should end…quietly. 

The government is hosting the French and so the episode was chalk full of jabs to the french. Cafe au lait being it’s just coffee with milk, still healing wounds from ‘freedom fries’, and ambassadors who don’t like being called empty crepes. 

A story: The French try to strong handle the president into letting them out of NATO. Through cognac and an incredible view of DC, Elizabeth gives the French open access to intelligence form the US…essentially the keys to a very small club, on the condition that they stay in NATO. 

B story: Henry gets his asset back. Turns out it was the French that grabbed her. They did not want to let her go at first because of the rising tensions between the two governments. Elizabeth threatened to arrest French spies operating on US soil if Henry’s asset wasn’t handed over. This caused some raucous with the French president but that was smoothed over with the cognac mentioned above. The terrorist organization Henry and his team were tracking lost one of their leaders thanks to the information from Henry’s asset. No casualties, lots of new data that will have to be analyzed. 

C story: The stalker paid a janitor to vandalize Elizabeth’s office. They used the payment made to the janitor to track down the stalker. Turns out it was a guy working for one of the billionaire donors Russell was so eager to have on their side. The donor didn’t like the direction Elizabeth was taking the country and the president. The donor also thought that because of his money he could dictate to the president who could be Secretary of State and who could not be. Turns out he was wrong. Dalton and Russell stood by Elizabeth.

Buss laugh moment of this episode: When Elizabeth is trying to make breakfast and tries to convince the kids to eat her scrambled eggs by mentioning she read the entire egg section of Julia Child’s book. I like that she’s such a powerful and intelligent woman but definitely knows what her weaknesses are.  

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  When the younger McCord daughter tells her parents her bodyguards hanging around don’t make her feel safe, they remind her that she’s not safe. The McCords are torn by this because they want their daughter to be safe and feel safe and that really won’t happen until their stalker is caught; which is something they have no control over. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  The billionaire thinking he runs the country simply because he makes big donations to candidates. I know that money really does talk in our elections but imagine if our politicians were able to pass campaign finds reform that capped donations and spending? Would we not then have more qualified people running rather than simply the wealthy? 

All in all a solid episode. Looking forward to seeing what knew arcs are coming up. Hoping to hear more about the election and more climate change episodes. 

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