Shameless (S01E06) “The Defenestration of Frank”

This episode of Shameless in deed felt like a mid-season finale as some of the plotlines we’ve been getting used to over the past few week wrapped up. It makes me wonder what’s next for the Gallaghers?

Frank got kicked out of the ‘homeless’ shelter for – what he does best- which is scamming. It seems like Frank’s schemes always ends like this though right? After so many years of scamming you’d think he is smart enough to see at least one of his many scams through the very end. But nope, he was outsmarted by ‘new Lip’, who might be just as close to smart as the real Lip. Speaking of Lip, his scamming days are definitely not over but had to make an early pause when the feds raided in on the tech company he’s been interning for.

There happens to be alot of tension between Fiona and Lip this season. Lip has historically been very critical of Fiona’s choices. It has been tiring witnessing him bringing her down every time she does something, but I think he had every right to on this occasion. An opportunity came up, to buy a laundry mat, and Fiona leapt into it like there was no tomorrow. The way Fiona went about it was also pretty unethical. She used the house as collateral for her 80,000 loan. If the business doesn’t work out (let’s be honest it probably won’t) this might cause some trouble in the near future.

The world is upside down. Carl is going to military school, and Lip is washing dishes. Was this Carl’s last episode on Shameless? When you leave the city on a Greyhound bus, it kind of begs the question about whether your character is off the show. Or I don’t know, they could show scenes of him in military school, but then again what purpose would that serve? Throughout this season, Carl has matured a lot and that’s part of why Dom’s dad helped him get the place in military school. Working on a show for seven years is a huge commitment, especially for a young actor. Going to military school was the best way for Carl’s storyline to actually progress. It would have felt like a wrong move to stay in the South Side with Dom. Dominique’s character went downhill pretty fast, moving from a sweet, simple virgin from Season 6, to a free-spirited horny teen in season 7. That character change was pretty drastic wouldn’t you say?

Kev, V and Svetlana runs into more comedic drama. After speculating whether or not Svetlana was having sex with her dad, turns out the man they’ve been slowly warming up to isn’t Svetlana’s dad but her husband. Which makes no sense to me. I would’ve preferred if the writers had took the more ‘Shameless’ route on this one and say Svetlana was actually having consensual sex with her father. Adding another husband in this picture just complicates things.

Score: 7 out of 10