Lucifer (S02E07) “My Little Monkey” Review

They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery. After his last session left Dr. Martin speechless with the revealing of his true colors, Lucifer feels he needs to stop being himself. Instead he looks to Dan as a role model. Meanwhile Chloe’s dealing with an emotional crisis as her father’s killer, Fields gets released from prison early for being a model prisoner so he could see his grand daughter’s christening. Chloe is adamant that Fields shouldn’t be allowed to walk around outside so she stalks the van. An accident happens and everyone in the van including Fields is dead. Maze tries to coax Dr. Martin out of her office but she feels she can’t be friends with a demon or the Devil leaving Maze even more pissed at Lucifer. This also comes at a rough time where Maze is having trouble finding a new job. Since Chloe is too close to the case of Fields’s murder Dan and Lucifer take it off her hands. Lucifer even dresses down to skinny jeans and hoodie jacket. I prefer him in Italian fabric.

But suddenly Fields’s daughter pays Chloe a visit… with a gun in the detective’s face. She believed that Chloe killed her father in revenge but she lacked the guts to pull the trigger once she heard little Trixie calling out for her mommy. Being a good sport, Chloe decides not to arrest the woman who almost shot her. Fields’s daughter presents Chloe with a tape of her father’s confession that he didn’t kill Chloe’s dad after all. So then who killed Daddy Dekker? Lucifer and Dan are on the case where they find out about a guy who can help cover up a murder for a fee. He’s Russian and likes to hang out in a steam bath with other dudes. To lure him into a trap Lucifer takes on his Dan persona complete with an American accent saying that he wanted “Lucifer Morningstar” dead because all he does is hurt people. You could really hear the self loathing pain in his voice as he said it. Made me want to give the Devil a hug. Lucifer just keeps annoying Dan to no end as he finds Lucifer’s imitation of him more as an insulting caricature. So Dan returns the favor by imitating Lucifer in an improv class he started. Lucifer of course is offended but they do have a heart to heart. Dan has been heart broken over his divorce from Chloe so he’s also felt the need to be someone else. Lucifer wanted to be Dan for a day because he knows that Dan is a really good guy. So they like the same movies AND they envy each other a bit. Getting close to those BFF bracelets!

Chloe eventually finds out that it was the Warden of the prison who put a hit out on Chloe’s dad because he was getting too close to sniffing out his corruption. Unfortunately he gets away. At least Lucifer puts his fancy suit back on. Then Maze gives Chloe a special present: The Warden! Maze finally finds her calling as a bounty hunter. Chloe gets a chance to take revenge (being egged on by Lucifer and Maze) but instead decides to do the right thing and turn him in. Maze manages to repair the bridge between her and Dr. Martin getting their friendship back on track. Lucifer and Chloe have a heart to heart. He’s not close with his dad but he understands Chloe’s need to follow in her father’s foot steps. This ends in a tearful hug which surprises Lucifer but he’s easing into sharing his feelings more (without it leading to sex let’s be honest).

I give this episode an A+! It was fun to see Lucifer walk a mile in Detective Douche’s shoes and while they may not become the best of buds they at least have some understanding and begrudging respect for one another. Mom and Amenadiel didn’t feature in this episode this was a more Chloe Dekker-centric episode which is fine. It’s fitting because Chloe is the biggest influence in Lucifer’s life and she has fascinated him since day one. He may not understand her feelings or why she does the things she does but Lucifer likes her. It may be a romantic attraction or just a platonic bond either way Chloe’s a positive force in his life that he wants to keep which says a lot about him.