The Blacklist (S04E07) “Dr. Adrian Shaw”

With Kirk’s condition worsening, Liz looks to Cooper for guidance about what she should do regarding her father’s health. Meanwhile, Red gives the team a number of a person who can make other criminals disappear by giving them a new identity.

Keeping up with the morbidity of last episode, we see a man suffering in what appears to be a laboratory being examined by a slightly heartless doctor that tells him he doesn’t have much time to live. Walking into a separate room to speak with another doctor saying that not only is ‘he’ the second one in the past seven days, but that the morgue is at capacity. The two heartlessly watch as this “volunteer” dies. This a borderline Mengele scene. Definitely a Blacklister.

Following that gruesome cold opening, Director Cooper is reading the charges against Kirk after last week’s thrilling conclusion. As it turns out, all Kirk wanted was to be called ‘Father’.

Red summons Liz yet again to talk about spear fishing, oddly. More to the point, The Coroner is the FBI’s next target. The reason that Red even brought up spear fishing in the first place was to talk about the lion fish. Comparing both Kirk and the lion fish, Red is saying that Liz is going to help Kirk escape custody. Keeping up with the fish puns, Liz tells the team that The Coroner is going to help Kirk find a way to vanish.

Liz is feeling uncertain about how to deal with Kirk being in custody. Her visit to him only seems to bring more doubt to her mind and his sickness seems to progress. As blood trickles down his face, he collapses and is rushed to Walter Reed Hospital.

With a decent lead on The Coroner, Agent Navabi meets with the seemingly nefarious criminal and he’s not what anyone expected.

The old Asian man walks into the restaurant and sits on an inflatable cushion in front of Agent Navabi; only to have Reddington reveal himself and blackmail The Coronor into giving him a name on Sonia Bloom: Adrian Shaw.

Kirk’s doctor is busy helping in a massive accident on the freeway but is able to tell Liz that her “father” needs a stem cell transplant. Not surprisingly, Cooper is supportive and helpful in Liz’s time of need.

After finding Sonia Bloom, we discover that the man she was working with was murdered was Matthew Hodge: one of the victims of The Lindquist Concern (See S04E05). Aram is now looking for any and all doctors in (wait for it) hematology. Convenient, huh?

Red is naturally already on top of tracking down Dr. Rayburn. Naturally, Red blackmails him and is looking for Dr. Shaw. As it turns out, she is aboard the Lady Currie, a vessel supposedly in Panama.

Back in Kirk’s hospital room, we learn that his “lawyer” is more of a lover and is not a fan of Liz. Given that news, Liz finds out that the hospital won’t give Kirk a transplant.

As the FBI searches the Lady Currie, they find only medical equipment and a series of sick patients. Meanwhile, the lab has the results on if Liz is a match for Kirk…

Sadly, Liz finds out that Kirk isn’t her real father.

Not that Red invites the good doctor into a mysterious warehouse, Liz is still reeling from the news that Kirk isn’t her real father. What else is Kirk to do, but attempt an escape.

Back at the warehouse, Red leads Dr. Shaw to a sophisticated medical environment with seemingly nefarious intentions.

Back in Kirk’s hospital room, Kirk starts rambling about how Masha is his daughter. Immediately calling Reddington, Liz learns that Kirk isn’t going to go willingly from Walter Reed.

The episode ends with a series of men waiting to extract Alexander Kirk from the hospital.

Overall, this is the kind of episode that I have come to expect from The Blacklist. Reddington being conniving and mysterious, Cooper acting as a surrogate father to Liz when she needs him, and Ressler and Navabi backing up the team. To be honest, the best part of the episode for me was seeing Red and Dembe play Highlights. For as terrible as the man may be, the writers always seem to put Red in a place where we laugh when it is really needed. This episode also dealt with the idea of Liz seeking her identity. Who is she in relation to her past and what impact does that have on young Agnes? It slightly tested Tom’s patience for Liz in their already strained relationship, and will have massive implications for how Liz views Reddington from now on. 8.5/10