Chicago PD (S04E06): “Some Friend”


It’s always great when the writers let us into the world of a character more. Olinsky can be a quiet background character, but this episode we heard him scream multiple times and really stand up for what he believed in. He even risks his job as he discovers the truth behind his friend’s crime. I loved this chance to see a different side of Olinsky and I look forward to seeing how he handles probation.

Burgess standing up for another ex-police officer is very nice and I hope to see more of this relationship grow. It shows a very special side of Burgess, and reminds viewers to really think about what people are going through instead of one action they do.

Visually “Some Friend” was very interesting to watch. Most of the directorial style was consistent with the rest of the season, but this particular director highlighted small features like guns in a belt buckle and emotions from all characters in a scene.

Chicago PD continues to stretch the boundaries of how audiences can connect with the characters and how the characters can continue to grow.

Also, what are your thoughts about Lindsay’s flowers? Who do you think sent them, and was it really coincidence?