Impastor (S02E07) “Ah – Men”

Plot Summary:

Russell calls on Buddy to become more of a leader in the gay community; Sheriff Graham enlists Dora to spy on Buddy and Alexa; Schmidt and Ashlee take their relationship public.

Buddy finds out that Alexa was his guardian angel from when Damien tried killing him.

That was a twist no one saw coming. It shocked Buddy too! Now Buddy has to figure out what to tell Alexa because she suspects something is going on with Buddy and Damien.

Also in this week’s episode we see Russell and Ladner’s LGBT community fight a local business because they don’t agree with their lifestyle choices. So they decide to protest corn dogs!

One thing I saw this week that I loved was seeing more Ashley and Alden scenes! They make such a cute couple and they took a big step in their relationship this week.

Hilva definitely did not like that Alden brought Ashlee to church with him. But I sure did like seeing him stand up to her and show Ashlee off.

Throughout this week’s episode we saw Sheriffs Rashida try to get Dora to help her figure out if Buddy was involved with the murders of Ray and Kenny. This just makes Dora more paranoid about secrets Buddy might be keeping from her.

I especially loved seeing the cliffhanger that was left with this weeks episode!

I wonder how Buddy is going to explain that…

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