Legends of Tomorrow (S02E04) “Abominations”

With a terrifying virus taking over parts of the Civil War, the team race against time to not only stop the infection from taking over, but also stop the Confederates from winning the war.

With Dr. Stein narrating the intro of our first episode, a small vessel is ejected from a time ship that looks like an evil version of The Waverider. The pilot of the ship broadcasts to a distress signal to someone called Dontar about a heist that removed something named ‘TX-90’ from the year 2235. Never a good sign when the pilot screams in horror over a crew mate being infected, then doing something awful to his other crew mates.

Activating his time beacon, the pilot discovers he is surrounded by Confederate soldiers and begins a strange transformation.

Following the cold opening, Dr. Stein and Jax are back in Rip’s secret compartment listening to Future Barry’s grim message. The duo continue to keep quiet about the entire situation.

Speaking of grim messages, the team uncovered the message sent from the time pirate back in Mississippi 1863. Ray not only informs the team that 1863 was the bloodiest war in American history, but Sara gives a rebuttal and tells our Legends that he will be staying behind to be back up.

With back up in mind, Stein tells Jackson that it might be a good idea to stick around and help Ray in some random way. Understandably, Jax lashes out, but understands where Grey is coming from. Of course Stein is going to be worried about a man he shares minds with. Jackson suits up and the team prepares for colonial badassery.

Coming up the escape pod, Mick naturally sets the pod aflame. YET THE FIRE ISN’T ENOUGH. Sorry Mick.

The Legends hear pleas off in the distance and Vixen runs off to the rescue, while the team gives chase. The man is named Henry Scott, a dispatch officer feeding information to the North.

With Dr. Stein visibly unsettled by the *ahem* afflicted, the team marches into battle and naturally succeed. Sadly, Mr. Scott did not survive the battle with the everyone, especially Jefferson taking it particularly hard.

Back on the ship the team learns more about what the zombies are doing back in the Civil War era, but also that Mick was bitten by one of the infected.

As if things weren’t back enough, it seems that the Union lost The Civil War, not only on account of the zombie attack, but the dispatch orders that Scott was carrying were important to helping General Ulysses S. Grant.

Jax tells the captain of the Waverider that he’s going undercover with Amaya to steal the plans from the plantation. Not surprisingly, Nate and Sara are almost immediately captured on their way to meet with General Grant.

Horrifyingly, Jax and Amaya come across a slave being tortured for simply burning some tea. Admitting it’s terrible the two are forced to listen to the awful situation while staying in character for the heist.

With Mick’s condition rapidly deteriorating, Ray attempts to make an antidote, but that appears to have no effect and Mr. Rory turns into a scary eyed rage zombie. Thankfully managing to keep him in the med bay, Ray and Stein must figure out a way to save Mick from full on zombie mode.

With Colonel Sanders (nice try Nate) trying to bluff his way onto Gen. Grant’s good side and failing miserably, Captain Lance (Again, not that one. I love making that joke.) goes off to find proof to convince brave Ulysses.

Later that night, Jax and Amaya are planning on infiltrating the cotillion and the study is a sadly lacking in plans to defeat the South. Only hope is to search the rest of the plantation. However, the slave owner from earlier has other plans, and ends up locking Jefferson in the barn.

Now that General Grant knows the horror of what his camp is up against, he is ready for a fight. Unforunately, his men cannot take on the hoard of zombies and fight the upcoming battle at the same time. (That is not a sentence often seen.) Grant’s men need to control the Mississippi in order to win the war.

With Jax in chains in the slave owner’s barn, Martian feels the true weight of his feelings back on the Waverider, but with a plan to cure Mick, help could soon be on the way from the rest of the team.

Now that Amaya has freed the Jax and the slaves in the barn, a massive zombie takeover has been happening on the plantation grounds and no one is safe.

Sara is using the powers of STEEL to set off an explosion to make all of the abominations ‘splode. Yay!

Making sure to burn the plantation and all of the zombies, Jax has the necessary plans to help the Union win, but now they have to focus on making it there safely.

Dr. Stein comes out of hiding and finds Ray unconscious and Mick out of sight, but he is close. Thankfully, he manages to find the fire extinguisher with the cure and it works! (“Was I just trying to kiss you?”)

Nate uses a classic zombie diversion tactic to lure the infected away from the camp, hopefully saving as many soldiers as possible, all while being called “either the bravest or dumbest” by one of histories bravest men. And he manages to STEEL himself (someone stop me) and explode all of the zombies. Nate’s even alive! But needs a shower.

Now that history is back on course and Henry Scott still getting the credit for saving the Union, the Legends have helped keep history in tact.

Back on the ship, Ray is making sure that Mick is okay. Or maybe he’s just looking to feel better. Ray shows his thoughts on what it’s going to be like not having a suit while on the ship; being useless. Mick says that the best thing about being an outsider is not having to worry about other people. Taking a massive risk, Mick is looking for a partner in the form of Haircut. Giving away Snart’s cold gun, Ray’s only response is an understandable “Cool.”

As you can guess by now, these episodes are meant to be, at all costs, fun. And this one was, with a caveat. When shows like this, it is easy to shy away from the elephant in the room:slavery. It was a dark time in American history that still reverberates to this day. However, this episode didn’t pull any punches. There were some pretty intense racism scenes and a rather brutal torture scene (for The CW anyway). The writers really delved into some emotional scenes for Jefferson and Amaya as they explore the worst and bloodiest parts of this country’s tumultuous history. It was a nice balance to the backdrop of having zombies attack the Union army. It also showed off how Mick was looking for someone to watch his back in the perfect from of Ray. Can’t wait to see that buddy cop movie. Very well written episode considering how easy it could have been to be insensitive to a frankly awful era. 9/10