The Exorcist (S01E06): “Star of the Morning”

This is the best show I thought I’d never like. I’m a die hard “The Exorcist” the movie fan. I thought a tv series would never work. I have been proved wrong on so many different levels. The series pays homage to the movie, weaving a story that has had viewers (me included) gripped from the start. The story is well written, well acted and well directed. I like that the character of Father Marcus is a nod to Max Von Sydow’s Father Merrin from the movie. In almost every episode there’s an easter egg (or two) that’s a nod to the film. Let’s stay Exorcist strong and get a second season.

This last week (Nov. 4th) revealed a lot, but still raised further questions. Coming off the Angela/Regan reveal, none other than Mom, Chris MacNeil pops up. Played by the always lovely and wonderful Sharon Gless, the arrival is not well received by A/R. Though Henry and Kat are confused, but intrigued. When Chris explains everything, it all falls back on A/R to explain her side of things. We see a flashback to a news program which Regan and Chris were on. Chris wrote a book detailing Regan’s possession, and they were on a press tour. This brings up A/R’s resentment of Chris. Was Chris really trying to help her daughter (who can’t remember the possession, btw) or was she exploiting her? Chris’s acting career had tanked by this time, so it’s easy to believe that it was for more fame. Even though Henry’s brain injury impairs him, he can’t help but be pissed about A/R lying to him. Don’t blame him one bit…a lie of omission is still a lie. Yet, after what he witnessed with Casey, he’s able to believe A/R’s story.

Father Tomas is still struggling with the flesh vs the spirit. Jessica is precious to him, but is she more precious than the church? Marcus told him he’d never be an exorcist, because he has a love for someone and the demons can use that against him. Okay, Tomas, drop the chick and get back to the church. This story line has, so far, no bearing on the main theme. It seems soap opera drivel compared to the rest of the story. Maybe, since the wonderful writers have surprised so much with a really good story, they can weave this into the plot. I wouldn’t put it past them.

When the family gets a call from the morgue, they rush to see if it’s Casey. Kat and Chris wait outside while Henry and A/R go into the room to check. When they come out, Henry embraces Kat, it’s not Casey. A/R falls into her mother’s embrace. Maybe they haven’t been as far apart as they thought. Everyone always needs their Mom sometimes, no matter how old or demon possessed.

Along with the posters for the missing Casey, there are posters announcing the Pope’s arrival…with a picture of his back. What is this foreshadowing? Holding a press conference, the Rance family asks for help in locating their missing Casey. During this, a lady steps forward and asks why aren’t they looking for the killer and organ thief? While she is reading off the names, we see the various body parts being put on a tray….then into a furnace. I was thinking they were going to use the parts to make something/someone..I was on the right track..sorta. Father Marcus is out actually hunting for Casey. When he sees rats fleeing a tunnel, he knows where to look. Personally, if I see rats running from anything, I’m right with them, because when **RATS** run from something, it’s very, very bad. Marcus heads into the tunnel, finding a homeless camp. He’s immediately set on by the demon controlled homeless. His cross and his faith drive out the minor demons (“The power of Christ COMPELS YOU!! No, he didn’t use those words, I just like them). He turns as he hears skittering behind him. There’s Casey!! Doing the infamous spider walk with an added creepiness. That made me jump…and thrilled me that they included that.

Mrs. Walters, who gave Tomas money to help find Casey (and to keep him busy) is waiting. There are a few more powerful in the room, when in walks a Priest. He’s a happy yappy thing, and very obviously their leader. The cremated organs are in an urn. He takes some of the ashes and blows them around the room. Mrs. Walter is whispering, “pick me! pick me! pick me!”. Well, they don’t..the ashes choose the police superintendent. Walters is visibly pissed. Will she be the one to turn on everyone, helping get rid of the demon? Or did they summon the Devil? Is the Pope Satan incarnate? Why did Captain Howdy have to possess Casey? Was it just to get another foothold in this world? We’ll find out more Friday, Nov. 11th 9pm.