The Last Man On Earth (S03E05) “The Power of Power”

Review: The gang is back where we last saw them: in front of an office building with the lights on. After years of living without electricity, this building with working toilets, frozen pizzas and even sprinklers is like a dream come true and it seems like the perfect new home for the group. Lewis however is pessimistic. He doesn’t want to live in an office, but everybody else is very positive about the place so he decides to stay. But things around the building start falling apart. First the power goes out, and before the group wants to leave again, Phil turns it back on. The problems don’t stop there and Phil suspects something is up after Carol almost gets killed by something that falls of the ceiling. Of course he thinks Lewis is behind it because he wasn’t liking their new house to begin with so Phil starts following him around, to see what he’s up to next.

When the water gets turned off as well, Phil goes to Lewis to ask him why he’s sabotaging the building. Lewis of course tells him that he has nothing to do with it, which eventually appears to be the truth when Carol admits that she was the one who did everything. She doesn’t want to live and raise her kids in an office building, she has always dreamed of living in a small house, but when everybody was excited about their new home, she couldn’t say anything. After confessing, she tells Phil that she doesn’t mind to stay where they are right now, as long as they are together. After apologizing to the group and ‘doing the time for her crime’ (the stocks are back!), Phil does something to make her feel better: he builds a small house for them to live in on their floor of the office building.

Meanwhile, Todd is having problems with his girlfriends. In the last episode, he and Gail were fighting and it doesn’t get better this week. Gail breaks up with Todd so he can be with Melissa who needs him right now. When Todd tells Melissa about the breakup, she finally shows some compassion and feels sorry for Todd. So it looks like Melissa is back to being herself. But when Todd thinks he has the old Melissa back, she breaks down again, burning all her shirts and informing him that she’s ready to have a baby.

The episode had a lot of hilarious moments, especially the ridiculous scenes that just take a little too long which makes them even funnier (Phil bringing Carol the salt, Todd asking for Phil’s soap, etc). I also loved how the gang reacted to all the luxury of the office building, after so many years of living without all that, it definitely seems like an appropriate reaction.

Phil going after Lewis was something we have seen him do multiple times in the past few seasons (not only this season with Lewis, but before that with Phil #2 as well) and because of that it was probably my least favorite part of the episode, but I still thought it was pretty funny. And I thought it was great that the show turned emotional after that when Carol confessed why she did what she did.

I really enjoyed the storyline about Todd and his relationships, the breakup scene and after that the scene with Todd and Melissa were very well performed by the three actors. It was good to see this story develop a little more and I’m very curious to see how Melissa’s desire to have a baby will play out!

Rating: 8.5/10