Aftermath: (S01E07)”What The Thunder Said”



There were a lot of touching moments in this episode. Life, love, affection and the sheer terror of the volcano that is about to destroy them all. It put’s things into perspective as the family struggles with wanting to live when death seems imminent. 

At this point in the series each character has been faced with their own type of adversity, thus being more accepting of the new way of life they have had to adapt to. Where killing is becoming a normal, every day occurrence. Death follows the Copeland’s like its their own personal plague. As Brianna mourns the loss of her beloved Devyn, it becomes quite clear how fleeting life is. Add the apocalypse in the mix, and it shows that you must hold onto the good that is still in the present moment and never let go. 

As the Copeland’s try to make their escape from the dangers of the volcano, a mysterious stranger appears. Almost out of nowhere too, as Johsua narrowly escaped running the man over. Of course the family has to pile out of their respected vehicles to investigate this lone stranger. When asked where he came from he says that he has “Only just arrived” and that “This body was his new vessel.” It sounds like something a Skinwalker would say, so the family was on guard. 

That’s when a sniper opens fire. Of course a key family member get’s shot (Joshua_, and it doesn’t look good. Until this stranger blows the sniper up with this mind. (Yeah, just when I though this show couldn’t get more bizarre). And the family was able to get Joshua to the comforts of the RV, with the stranger now in tow. 

Before they family has time to react that have to keep moving. The earth is shaking, and they can’t look back. The fear of losing one of their own is weighing heavy on all of them. There is no way around the possibility that the patriarch of the family may die. Before anyone could protest the mysterious stranger assures them he can help. And with some cringe inducing scenes where a hand goes into Josh’s wound, the bullet is out, the pain is melting away and the man puts something on the wound. 

It’s a moment of relief, but that is slowly dashed when they discover the only route out of danger is now impassable. Something the stranger had warned them about before they got there. He seems to be connected to something deeper, “The Wave” which had been mentioned in the episode before. It becomes clear that this man is here for a reason, and as he tells a tale of a way to wish the volcano away by a “Prayer Wheel”, the family goes into it with an open mind. 

There’s one catch. The Prayer Wheel is at the base of the volcano. Instead of heading away from danger they were heading straight for it. But desperate times call for desperate measures and Karen wasn’t going to give up without at least trying. So the family is separated once more. Karen chooses to go to the volcano with the mystery man and Jane in tow, as the miraculously healed Joshua stays with the rest of the brood, in search of shelter. 

There is no wrong or right anymore. In times like these, anything goes. People don’t act like respectful human beings anymore. Every man (and woman) for themselves. Even helpless strangers are never what they seem. And in a moment of empathy, pulling over to help stray hikers cost much more than precious time, it cost a life. Now it is Dana who feels the heartbreak her twin has been trying to cope with. 

Another senseless death, more pain and heartache. How much more can the Copeland’s take? As the volcano begins to erupt, Karen has been held at gunpoint at the prayer wheel. Jane has snapped, and want’s to fulfil her own selfish desires. Although things didn’t turn out quite like she expected. Another one bites the dust. 

As the mystery man tries to coax her to come with him,Karen stands firm. There is no way she is leaving her family, she would never abandon them. As the volcano begins to rain down on them his last words to her was that she was “Really coming along…”

The Copeland’s run for their lives as the world is alight with fire and smoke.You are left wondering if they will make it out of this alive. But of course they will, no one messes with this family. They are survivors. 


Rating: 10/10