Empire: (S03E05) “One Before Another”

After what seemed like a very long  time (preempted by the World Series) the follow up to the episode where Andre has a 3-way with his recently deceased wife and Nessa, as well as the threat of Shine retaliating to his beat down, was diluted.

However, beyond the usual and customary was Angelo. Pulling some strings regarding Cookie’s Parole visits and declaring to her, “I’ll not fight with you, but I’ll fight for you” was sweet and so very…sweet!  This brings the latest score for the heart of Cookie to:  Angelo, 99999 and “Lucifer Lyons” double aught or multiple zeros.

The title “One Before Another” could be about Lucious playing brother against brother for what he calls the ultimate product and fan satisfaction.  This becomes clearer when he uses Hakeem against Jamal and Andre during a live stream event. With a rap beat down on  Andre for stealing his woman and  Jamal because he assumes Jamal knew about Andre & Nessa’s tete a tete, he takes his immaturity to yet another level. During the scuffle, Lucious gives more truth to  Jamal’s revelation that his dad thrives on chaos and confusion, as we see Lucious fighting to keep the camera’s rolling. How a man that reads Kahlil  Gibran to his granddaughter, yet orchestrate such chaos in his home and business is amazing. Lucious Lyon, gotta love him! 

Earlier that day, the predictable happens when Shine shows up at Andre’s. He pulls a gun; Nessa steps in and Shine promises to kill him later. And then later that day, while at the Lyons Den, Anika brokers an unauthorized proposal to Shine, for a place at the table of Empire. He gleefully & greedily accepts and The Lyons live to die another day.

The most interesting part of the episode was way too short. At the end of the show, Tariq is walking with Shine and they seem to have a mutual acceptable agreement on taking down The Empire, with Lucious in it. It’s about Camden; a person, place or thing of interest to Tariq and a skeleton in Shine’s closet, literally! I hope so. Stay tuned.