Humans (S02E01): “Episode 1”

Review : 

It’s been a long wait for Season 2…. what started off as just another show about artificial intelligence turned into something amazing which can be such an addiction.

Humans is a story  about the rise of Artificial Intelligence through robots called “synths” and was a big hit for channel 4 when the first season came out. The second season begins with the inevitable. Niska the rogue synth releases a secret software upgrade that gives their fellow machines human consciousness. Around the world, we see new synths escaping their captives and emerging out of slavery as a Synth with consciousness.

Gemma Chan who portrays Mia does an amazing job of making us feel all the emotions she does as well. In the previous season we see Leo, bleeding & injured on a hunt to find Mia with the help of the amazing Max. This season we see them both together but Mia still has the need to be around humans and works in a cafe as a synth without letting anyone know that she has consciousness. Leo & Max on the other hand are looking for other synths who have woken up to help them escape from their captives and to help them live a normal life.

The first episode is definitely the start of an amazing season that is to come. The human family that we all came to love & hate at the same time makes a comeback in this season with the underlying theme being their attempt to rebuild the family from what they lost in the previous season.

It will definitely be amazing to see how the writers will stretch the story line and what more we can expect this season.