Supernatural (S12E05) “The One You’ve Been Waiting For”

I love how the writers have no care for our feelings, that scene with mom leaving for THEN still hurts. But that other part of THEN though, about the Nazis has peeked my interest!

In the start of the show we have an old women, well dressed, walk into a antique shop. were a man pops up like sorta of out of nowhere with an item she wants. This deal they have going on made it  seem as though he was giving her something more then a pocket watch. But guess what, stingy guy didn’t want to sell it (probably wanted it for himself) & raised that price on Granny. She wasn’t having it! so, the guy caught fire. thought it was grandma’s doing but she was as surprised as I was when she also caught fire. Not caring about the man she picks up tje pocket watch & BOOM! Flames & ash to them both. Sorry Granny.

Back in the bunker Dean is researching stuff & Sammy buys food (usually its more Dean then Sam). An brings home pie. Dean didn’t want pie. Social Media should have crashed, DEAN DIDN’T WANT PIE!!!!! Dr. Sammy to the rescue! Well not exactly, cause Dean does shut him down about mom again an just wants to focus on the job at hand. At first the boys think a demon of some sort or possessed item from the shop. Since, it is an antique shop after all. But no, it’s there good old friends, the Nazi’s!!! Again!!! It’s already enough that there dealing with the British Men/Woman of Letters & now these fools! They never give up.

Dean & Sam figure all this out after researching on the watch an finding a creepy collection of Nazi items in a secret room in the shop. (This was after Dean was not supposed to touch anything else cause he did break a small wooden ship…badly.) But then the man question is, what do the Nazi’s want now? Good Question. Let’s jump over to a apartment with a lovely couple trying to make out. Trying. But can’t. The girl is basically talking way too much, the guy with the beard is just trying to show her a good time but she won’t SHUT UP!!! An then makes the excuse to dash to the restroom…but notices a sound & her date is being burned alive. Two Things that irritated me. One, she just sat there an watched. Two, she took way to long to decide to bolt out that window & was scene by them. An human that automatically sees a person on fire, you bolt! Don’t stare & gasp in awe at the scene to then be spotted by the enemy. Gah! She did manage to get away, tell the cops, but then get captured in the car that the cops put her in. What I don’t get is why she kept giving the guy an earful of freak out instead of fighting back! Yes, she annoyed the crap out of me & I kind of wanted her to die already.

The boys did come to her aid since they did trail the car, for they noticed her yelling & hitting the window of the door after they were done with the cops. Tied up Nazi Jr & tried explaining things to Ellie (that’s her name) but Ellie kind of still wouldn’t shut up at all! Just rambling! Even more when Dean said he was going to shoot the guy, but he decided to talk. We found out from Nazi Jr that they needed the girl to help resurrect Hitler to this new world. Since back then (they do a flashback scene) they managed to keep Hitler’s soul intake in a pocket watch (they did a Harry Potter reference at this moment, I so nerd-ed out) that they created. She’s a sacrifice basically. Then Nazi Jr convinces her the hard way, telling her how they’ve been following her since birth since she is a descendent of Hitler’s bloodline & that she’s adopted. Of course she flips, Sammy tries comforting her, but there’s no pleasing this woman. Then the Nazi’s show up! Hunters vs Nazis Fight! At this point I really need Dean & Sam to take boxing or karate lessons. Makes the fight scenes more cooler & the fans go more crazy for it!

Dean & Sammy have a few bruises, Nazis ran away, & Ellie jumped out the window. To only get her dumb self freaking captured. (I swear she wasn’t thinking.) Meanwhile Dean & Sam are trying to find a way to find her or get in touch with her but no go. The Nazis start prepping there resurrection, which we now know the full plan. They didn’t need her basically as like Hitler’s vessel but as a Blood Bank. One of Hitler’s soldiers basically just started draining her, putting the blood into himself, because they would never let Hitler come back into a woman’s body. Never. Dean & Sam are obviously having no darn luck but have no fear Nazi Jr is here! Who they can’t trust one damn bit. Since he has dad issues, kidnapped Ellie, and basically is a Nazi. He says no tricks, he knows where she is, & he basically killed one of his dad’s men just to live an meet them. It’s worth a shot.

Once arriving on sit, of course they handcuff him in the car. No back stabbers welcome. Dean pulls out the big baby. Sam says no, next time. They could’ve blown up the whole building & not have to deal with a rush of Nazis pointing a run to there heads. Nice going Sammy. Back in the operation room, Hitler is alive! An kicking & wanting dogs…he’s very demanding. Even demands for the dogs for Sam & Dean when he meets them. Did  I mention he’s slowly figuring out social media? Yeah that’s not good. But before Hitler can bark anymore commands Ellie takes action even though she’s somewhatly out of it from blood lost. Doesn’t shoot Hitler but at least makes a distraction for the boys to go full ape on then & get the upper hand. (Hitler’s sissy run was actually really funny) All of them got bullets except the pleading Hitler, no worries Dean did the honors.

Our episode comes to an end with letting Nazi Jr go & telling him to run cause the others will hunt him down. Told talkative Ellie to go back to med school & really talk to her mom. An lastly, Dean will not let it go that he killed Hitler. He’s going to get pie to celebrate~