The Great Indoors: (S01E03) “Step One: Shelter”




Since Jack has been globetrotting around the world having his adventures for nearly 15 years, he has never settled in one place for long. Now that his is “grounded” and stuck in the office, he must navigate the uncharted waters of finding a place to call his own. Which of course isn’t any easy task when you are avoiding the situation at all costs. 

Clark (played by the hilarious Christopher Mintz-Plasse), graciously offers a place for Jack to lay his head while he hunts for his own place. Cue the ridiculously small “apartment” paired with heavy-handed sarcasm, and you have a pot about to boil over. The snark just seems to flow freely, it really works.

Meanwhile, the crew back at the office has to deal with cut backs, which means no more office perks (massage chair, nap pods, foosball table…). Perish the thought of the only reward of working there is getting a pay cheque! It’s interesting to see them struggle with that.

Unfortunately Roland is no good at giving bad news, so that falls on his daughter Brooke. Or as she has been dubbed “Bad News Brooke.” She’s had enough of being her father’s scapegoat and finally puts her foot down. Roland must take matters into his own hands. The look of disbelief on Mason and Emma are “fired” for drinking on the job is priceless. Of course it’s all a ruse so Brooke can swoop in and safe the day, and her reputation. 

Between bantering, sarcasm, and the inevitable admitting that there is a real problem. Jack comes face to face with his fear of settling down. It’s not what he want’s, but what he has to do. 

I think Clark said it best. “It’s not about base camp, it’s about the experience you have out of it” (which actually comes from one of Jack’s books). “Find your base camp.”

As the episode winds down with the “wild” housewarming in Clark’s apartment (yes, it is as funny as you’d imagine). It seems that Jack isn’t as bad off as he once thought, and these new relationships just may help him out  yet. 

Oh and if you haven’t caught up on Game of Thrones, there are spoilers at the end of this episode. Beware! 


Rating : 8/10