Designated Survivor (S01E06) “The Interrogation”

Plot Summary:

A shooting at the White House during a governors’ summit throws President Kirkman’s plans to elect a new Congress into turmoil; Agent Hannah makes a shocking discovery in her investigation of the capitol bombing.

President Kirkman attends the Governor’s summit he throws to try and find and rebuild congress and the cabinet but while there he decides to make a speech and of course something bad happens. The White House gets attacked by someone connected to Al-Siqar. There were no casualties luckily but one man was shot.

Later we see the governor of Florida have an issue with a plane full of refugees, He changed his mind about letting the refugees come to America because of the attack on the White House. Tom and his wife sit down to talk to him about how these refugees are not associated with the man who shot up the White House.

After he is done with Governor Rivera he goes into a meeting with the Governors where Tom is being interrogated by them to prove why he would  be a good President. After a few minutes he decides to let them ask him anything if it means they will be able to trust him.

As this is happening Agent Hannah of the FBI goes to interrogate Nassar. Hannah finds out that Nassar was not responsible for the capitol bombing. But she doesn’t know why he took the blame for it. When she brings up his family he tells her a name.

During Tom’s interrogation he keeps getting badgered by the Governors saying he’s not qualified to be President and storms out of the room. Aaron runs after him to get him back in there, he tells Tom that he believes Tom can  be the best chance for the nation. When he goes back in he gives an empowering speech. At the end he is given an ultimatum, does he want the Governors to help him build Congress or does he want to bring more Immigrants into the country? They want a temporary ban on immigration. Tom is unsure about what to do.

After he makes his decision Tom and his wife get into a fight when she finds out that he sent the refugees to Toronto.

While all the Governor madness going on Aaron looked in to Congressman MacLeish to see if he was good to be the Vice President. With everything looking good Tom decided to invite the Congressman over for dinner to get to know him better.

Later Hannah and Jason go back to see Nassar and there was an emergency. He was found dead.