The Goldbergs (S04E06) “Recipe For Death II: Kiss The Cook”

Review: Once again this week Adam tries to convince Murray to give him money for one of his projects, or as Dave Kim puts it: “It’s like every week you go to your dad and ask him to support one of your insanely geeky hobbies”. Adam wants to make a homemade action movie and needs Murray for financial support. Different from other times, Adam feels like he really has a chance now because he and his dad both love Arnold Swartzenegger movies. He prepares a presentation to convince Murray, who is enthusiastic right away, to all surprise of Adam and Pops. But instead of just giving Adam the money for the movie, Murray actually gets involved. He rewrites the script and gets rid of Barry as the lead actor in the movie and hires Coach Mellor instead. Adam doesn’t agree and goes to Pops to ask him to be his new producer which means Adam can just do whatever he wants. When Murray finds out that Adam went behind his back and made the entire movie himself, he’s disappointed.

Now before we finish that plot, let’s go to the other storyline this week. After seeing Lainey in a sweater dress, Erica wants one too and because she doesn’t have any money, she asks Bev to come along and buy one for her. Erica wants to go to Benetton, but Beverly wants to go to her favorite store Gimbels, only to find out that the store is shutting down. Erica convinces Bev to go to Benetton to get the dress she wants, leading to some hilarious scenes, including one where Bev gets them banned (or Bannettonned (sp?😂)) from the store. In a desperate last try to get the sweater dress she wants, Erica makes one herself by cutting up Beverly’s sweaters. Beverly, freaks out about this, of course, especially now that she can’t replace them with new sweaters from Gimbels, and things get worse when Erica tells her that she didn’t care about spending time together, she just wanted Beverly to pay for her clothes.

Both Adam and Erica realize that they messed up and hurt their parents. To make up to Beverly, Erica takes her to a going-out-of-business sale at Gimbels, to buy sweaters on the cheap (half of half of half off, the shopping trifecta) and Adam shows Murray his finished movie, including Murray’s rewritten lines. And that’s how the episode gets a happy ending after all.

This was a very fast-paced episode, which is something The Goldbergs always does very well. The cast members know each other and in scenes like this they always know how to play off each other. The delivery and timing are just perfect and of course the writing is great as well.

Seeing Erica and Beverly at Benetton was just great. The two tuna Bev bombs and Beverly’s inability to nod were my favorite parts of the storyline. I also really enjoyed the movie and it was fun to see the real movie Adam made, but the best part was the tag scene with Murray’s oneliners (“You’re under cardiac arrest”). All in all this was just another fantastic, hilarious episode! Spatulater!

Rating: 9.5/10