Z Nation (S03E09) “Heart of Darkness”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. In my opinion, this is the darkest episode up to now, but I’m sure we get to see darker ones. In order to stop Murphy’s new world order Roberta is willing to seek help from the Red Hands, her main priority is to stop Murphy no matter what. Hector is worried about Warren, she’s choosing a path he had already taken and he knows that nothing good would come of it. Also in this episode we get to know who is the new face of Escorpion, big reveal, and sad moments.

Heart of Darkness opens with Citizen Z and Kaya broadcasting and trying to get some news from Operation Bite Mark but their transmission is interrupted by another one: Murphy’s message of salvation.

10K has been taken prisoner by Murphy. He interrogates him about Warren’s plans and the only answer he gets is “she’s planning to spank your a** good”.  Later when Murphy is on his own in the throne room a phone starts ringing. At the other side of the line is Citizen Z asking for details of the mission and Operation Bite Mark. Murphy tells him he’s in charge of his own mission and he doesn’t need his help.

After a failed attempt to get inside Murphy’s fort and almost getting caught, Warren decides it’s time to look for some backup: the Red Hands. In this quest they run into a guy called Hopper, the Red Hands’s drug dealer. Hopper leads them to Escorpion who happens to be… our old friend Javier Vásquez. But he can’t seem to remember them; in fact, he claims to be Escorpion. Warren tries to make him remember them and their mission but it doesn’t work. Vásquez tells his men to lock them away.

In the cell Warren tells Hector that if they can’t make Vásquez remember them, she’ll kill him. Hector replies that she won’t have to kill him, then chokes her out. When Roberta wakes up Hopper is there asking about Hector who managed to escape.

Hopper and the Red Hands take Warren and Sun Mei to Escorpion, and informs him Hector has escaped. When Warren tries once again to make Vásquez remember them, they hear some screamings, it’s Hector, the Red Hands capture him. Hector faces Vásquez and tells him he is the real Escorpion, that he murdered his wife and daughter and all that story we already know. New Escorpion is upset, orders their men to release Hector and they fight. Vásquez stabs Hector several times, leaving him mortally wounded. Warren, understanding she won’t get her friend back, takes a blade and stabs Vásquez. At the end he remembers her and asks her to mercy him, Warren agrees and cuts his head off. Hector is still bleeding on the floor, Sun Mei tries to help him, but he’s dying, so Warren asks her to inject him her experimental vaccine. Hector dies anyway but he doesn’t turn. Then Warren stands up and gets ready to face the Red Hands, but they kneel before their new leader. Now she has the army she needs to stop Murphy and they all head to Spokane.

Meanwhile Doc and Addy find Lucy, the little girl has grown up more than the possibly normal and she looks like a 10 year old child. Lucy is having a tea party with some Zs. At the same time she spots them, a blend gets out of the house and shoots at them. 

Last scene is a close up to Hector’s body, he opens his eyes and we realise he’s not human anymore.