Arrow: (S05E06) “So It Begins”

Review: Prometheus is starting to make his name, after … Six episodes? He more or less acts and looks like Zoom from the Flash, so my question is – who is Prometheus and just how close is he to the Arrow team? Because we all know that the villains are always closer than we’d like them to be …

And, hey! Prometheus is now choosing victims that will spell out other names – Adam Hunt, etc. – the people who were on Oliver’s list in season 1 … Which means this new villain truly had to be close to Oliver.  Could Lance be Prometheus? That sounds like the craziest theory yet, but he was injured after the fight with Evelyn and Lance had his arm cut, when he woke up at the end of the episode. Like I said, it sounds crazy and I think there’s another explanation for this, but the show hasn’t been exactly clever for the past 3 seasons, so I don’t know!

Let’s go to the Russian flashbacks. I still like those. Turns out that Bratva is kind of in a war with Konstantin Kovar, the man that Oliver wants to kill, which is at least convenient for him! Or maybe not, because Kovar took the chance to meet Oliver.

I’m still angry that Lance is drinking, because he made a huge character development and now he just … Collapsed. Alright, Laurel died, but there are other ways to cope with pain.

And this new team is hardly a team, because Felicity, Oliver and Dig are always going to be closer than they can be with the rest of the team. Which is obvious, but still annoying.

At least Felicity’s romantic interest is still going strong, which means there won’t be a return of Olicity at all or at least not yet. No Olicity drama!

The episode, otherwise, was pretty mediocre for me as is this entire season. I simply need more.