Channel Zero (S01E05): “Guest of Honor”

This episode, leading us into the season finale on Tuesday the 15th, was a corker. It was very quite, answering a lot of questions, but raising more. The writing was spot on, making sure we had as much information as they wanted to give us. The acting….Paul Schneider has beautifully under-played Mike Painter. He’s so soft and quite, reserved with his emotions, yet allowing us to feel right along with him. Yet, in solo scenes, we see his emotions, strong and raw. The mark of great acting, indeed, but also the mark of great writing. Let’s delve into “Guest of Honor,” shall we?

We pick up right after Jessica’s brutal death. Mike’s reaction is understated, but you can tell it was a punch in the gut for him. Mike had thought that it was over when Eddie’s body was burned. Seems that was just the start. Erica, Mike’s wife, shows up to collect Lily. Off they go. Before they can leave Iron Hill, Erica sees a group of kids in the road, swerves and wrecks. When she looks back, the kids are gone. In a motel room, Lily watches Candle Cove while Mom tries to rent a car. When Lily tries to leave the room, Mom stops her. Later that night, watching Candle Cove while mom sleeps, the Tooth Child visists Lily. At first she hides under the covers. So the Tooth child crawls under the bed, getting Lily to lean over to look for it. 

That leaves him and Gary from the ’88 Candle Cove issue….who Amy asks to fill in the cops. They explain that Jessica was killed by kids under 12. The other cops don’t understand how that could happen, but it did. They feel like Mrs. Booth was behind the deaths and Candle Cove. So it’s all hands on deck in the search for Booth. They tell the cops that Booth can get the kids to do anything. Mike and Gary convince Amy to let them go to the crime scene in Booth’s basement. She agrees. When they get there, Gary stays outside, noticing teeth on the fence posts. Inside, Mike tells Amy that those aren’t Candle Cove puppets…they’re just props. So Booth didn’t air Candle Cove. Who brought it to life? Booth calls Mike and tells him she wants to meet him alone…she has so much to tell him. He agrees. Meanwhile, Gary gives Amy the slip. Amy is coming for Gary, but Gary needs to go home first. He gets there, but finds Katy gone. This, folks, is not a good thing at all. In Iron Hill, so many kids are watching Candle Cove, but they all leave their houses and began walking down the main street. 

Deputy Simon, tasked with finding Mike, finds him at the diner. They both watch the kids coming up the street. Mike tells Simon to stay away from them…and goes into the diner, only to find Booth’s phone but not her. Simon, not heeding Mike’s warning, goes to send the kids home, they converge on him. Booth, dressed as Jawbone, stabs Simon to death. When Mike comes out to help Simon, he falls into a dream state. In “the dream,” he sees himself controlled by puppet strings that stretch into the sky. When he comes back around, he sees Simon’s body. Amy, at the station, sees Jawbone on the computer screen….does this mean she’s the next victim? Gary turns himself back in, startling her. When she looks back, the image is gone.

Booth calls Mike again. She’s at Marla’s and needs him to come home. Once there, she serves Marla and Mike pie, seeing as how he’s the “Guest of Honor.” Now we start to get some answers. Booth had epilepsy, and she had a seizure one day in front of Eddie, who cured her. Eddie created Candle Cove, but had powers long before that. Eddie needs something from her, so Candle Cove can be created. Booth sacrifices her only son, so Eddie can come into his full power. With Mike being back, it only makes Eddie stronger. She needs Mike, so Eddie can come back. Yes, folks, Eddie needs to possess Mike, who is not really good with the idea. Marla is horrified that Booth sacrificed her son. Booth smiles as she leaves, trying to get Mike to just accept things. Next we see Booth, she’s in a RV, parked in the woods, packed with her “special children.” She tells them to sleep, because tomorrows a big day and “They’ll be here soon.” While Mike sits, trying to take in what he’s heard, he has a vision….Lily comes back, and he goes to her room. He asks her if she wants to see something cool? Mike sees a reflection of Eddie in the mirror and finds the hook in his hand….as he moves in for the kill, he wakes up. Mike has discovered an extra tooth coming in…right where Eddie had an extra tooth. This does not bode well, for anyone. Mike grabs a pair of pliers and pulls the tooth out. When he does this, the TV, not plugged in, comes on, and the doors lock, trapping Mike in the room. On the TV, he sees an image of Lily at the mouth of the Candle Cove cave, calling for him.

So, Mike has to save Lily…but the murderous kids, led by Booth will try and make sure Eddie comes back. To what gain? There is so much to answer….See you Tuesday, the 15th at 9pm on Syfy to have our answers.