Van Helsing (S01E09) “Help Out”

Okay every episode that has aired so far I have truly loved! This was no exception I truly loved this episode, the only thing that has me with a couple of theories is how the episode ends, but theres also things that we now wonder. Like where exactly is mushroom finding Emma taking our precious Mohammad; I mean I had a feeling the kid was going to play his cards right to at least get a kiss from that cute girl but now he’s having to follow her to where she has been living and where exactly is that? I also have a theory that Axel isn’t dead even though they did kinda show a dramatic demise to him I just have a feeling that he really isn’t going to be dead like somehow hes going to be turned into a vampire and he ended up ripping Gorman’s vampiric head off and will come after Doc in revenge for what she did to him this episode. I don’t know you can call me in denial but thats my theory! Anyway lets get to the recap of this episode!

In this episode: We see Vanessa (Kelly Overton) standing over John’s (David Cubitt) corpse still thinking, wondering if she really did the right thing; or if she was acting in defending her best friend’s rightful innocence. Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) then greets Vanessa a good morning and tells her that Axel and Flesh (Vincent Gale) can handle John’s body. So Axel and Flesh then take care of John’s corpse by throwing it in the ‘Quarantined Zone’ Axel and Flesh then investigate a smell that they picked up on revealing a lot of marine soldiers corpses rotting for some time. Vanessa then checks on Susan (Hilary Jardine) after having to survive another brutal relationship with another asshole that is how they put it. Susan and Vanessa then talk to each other which leads to them kissing each other. Axel interrupts and asks Vanessa if she can help out with a corpse problem to get rid of all of the corpses through a chute.

As Vanessa and Axel get rid of the corpses, the two of them talk about what he interrupted but Vanessa blows it off as the two of them being just friends (but I think we can all agree we would like to see the idea of Vanessa and Susan having a relationship). Doc then takes a look at one of the corpses to find out how and why the soldier died. As Doc (Rukiya Bernard) investigates the corpse she begins vomiting; she blames it on having too much alcohol. Doc choses to stay in the lab to investigate the corpse through more tests; Axel then gets a shocking surprise from a feral vampire that made its way into the Quarantined Zone area and was about to attack but Axel closes the door fast. Axel and Susan then try finding out where the feral vampire ran and hid. Axel and Susan then stumble upon a red room where theres even more corpses of soldiers with blood splattered everywhere they retreat back to the others with wondering what the hell happened at this location they are at.

As Doc is investigating the corpse more, she then feels sick again and has an idea to take a Geiger Counter to find out if theres any radiation revealing shes been exposed to a huge amount of radiation poisoning. She then collapses; when everyone searches for Doc they find her fainted and ask whats going on. She explains everyone has been exposed to radiation poisoning. While everyone regroups, Gorman (Chris Ippolito) chooses to go after the feral vampire to kill it himself. Doc then passes around a temporary cure to their radiation poisoning. Doc then tells them they can’t stay at this location otherwise their organs will be liquefied. Flesh then notices how unaffected Vanessa seems by the radiation poisoning and wonders if Vanessa could even be half of each species which in his theory would make Vanessa immune to practically anything. Axel then tells everyone to stop trying to blame each other and keeps the group together. When Axel, Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), and Doc try finding a way out. Sam finds their way out through a hidden exit.

Meanwhile in the adventures Mohammad, Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) then sees someone running and goes to investigate. Only to find out that its an innocent girl just picking some things. Mohammad then keeps his distance but watches the cute girl. When hes spotted she tells him to come on out. Mohammad then comes out with the girl introducing herself as Emma (Christie Burke), Mohammad then takes it upon himself to see Emma brought back to her home safely but if he wants to find out where she lives he has to catch her first after receiving a lovely kiss from the cute Emma!

Back at the Resistance base, the resistance leader then bargains with Rebecca (Laura Mennell) to let Magdalene (Gwynyth Walsh) go and they will let her leave. Once Rebecca let Magdalene go but told her, she believes the resistance made their decision about her being the spy. When they interrogate Magdalene, Sheema (Naika Toussaint) then tells how Magdalene and Rebecca both tortured her and Magdalene was the traitor among them. Before Magdalene could say anything, the leader shot her in the head.

Back with Vanessa’s group; Vanessa and the others pack up their things and get ready to leave but decide they can’t leave Gorman behind. Doc and Axel then choose to go after Gorman. When Axel finds Gorman he killed the feral but was turned in the end aspect, the two have a fight Axel stabs Gorman once which he thinks kills him so Axel then goes towards the way to get to Doc so they can get to safety but Gorman attacks Axel again which forced Axel to stab Gorman once after the other leaving the knife in Gorman. Gorman gets up again takes the knife and begins to come after Axel. Doc shuts the door just before Axel could get out; he demands Doc to open the door but she pleads for his forgiveness as Gorman bites into Axel and then takes the knife to Axel. Doc runs away to meet the others telling Vanessa that Axel is dead.

In the end: The group chooses to venture on without the armored ambulance to the direction of the ringing bells.

Episode Directed by: Jason Priestley

Episode Written by: Jackie May

Next Episode: Van Helsing (S1E10): Stay Away airs Friday November 18