MacGyver: (S01E08) “Corkscrew”


The episode where Bozer learns the truth. dun dun dun 

MacGyver is actually finally moving on. He does an escape room with a girl but rather than try to escape he makes out with her. Get it Mac…lol 

At least he got his make out session in because the date got cut short. A notorious hitman needed to be taken down. When they first try to nab him they get the image of his target instead. It’s MacGyver and it’s a hit from nikki. I mean, talk about a dysfunctional relationship. 

The team tries to keep MacGyver out of the hunt but, of course, that doesn’t work. The hitman showed up to his apartment while Bozer was there. After a free for all shoot out that included wine bottle corks Bozer learns the truth and he is not happy. But that also doesn’t last long. He eventually forgives all of them for lying to him. 

As for the hitman…his name’s Murdoch. So the rivalry begins. 

Nikki made an appearance at the end of the episode, gun drawn, with back up. She wanted to know if he still had the key and told him it will answer every question he has. She raised some questions about Thornton and told him to wonder whether or not he is on the right side. Gave him a warning that Murdoch failed but the next person THEY send might not. MacGyver warned her to stay away from his family and he’ll stay away from hers. He held his ground well. 

Looking forward to more on the Nikki and Murdoch front. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode: When Bozer called MacGyver and told him that there was a man with a ‘I have candy in my van’ vibe in the house waiting for him. lol 

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  The hurt in Bozer’s voice when he confronted MacGyver about his lies. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  Are secret lives really that easy to live? Do you really know who the people around you are? jk jk If you go through life with that level of paranoia you won’t get very far…also you might get an ulcer. 

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