Shameless (S07E07) “You’ll Never Ever Get a Chicken in Your Whole Entire Life”

This episode of Shameless didn’t show much plot progression as things were pretty much the same as last week’s episode at the end.  Fiona had some doubts about the laundromat she invested in. It proved to be very expensive to maintain. I think this whole situation is ‘un-Gallagher’ of her because what any other Gallagher would do in her situation is tear up that cheque she gave to the owner, an old, fragile lady with memory problems, and use the loan to buy new equipment and fix the gas leak. No remorse, the show is titled ‘Shameless’ after-all. The writers have always written Fiona as the reliable, caring person, so it fits her character well not to rip off some old lady with a laundromat.

Lip is doing exactly what he said he wouldn’t do. He’s getting into a serious relationship with  Sierra. I think this relationship might last until the end of the season. It’s not sure whether or not we’ll be getting another season of Shameless after this one and i’m sure the writers wouldn’t want to leave any cliff-hangers or unanswered question. Well if they do get an 8th season, Lip and Sierra wouldn’t have a bright future since Shameless loves ending relationships abruptly in new seasons. Well, Lip did get a chance to appeal his suspension at college thanks to professor Youens, but it is unsure whether or not he will be go back.

For Kev, V and Svetlana. I was wondering which direction their story would go after last episode’s ‘plot twist’. I think this plotline is becoming too much now. It went from being witty and obscene, to foolish and confusing. After revealing that Yvon is her husband and not her father, she suddenly grew tired of him……to the point where she killed him?  Very confusing and unnecessary, instead of  having Kev worry about what happen to Yvon, why not just tell him what you did to or with him and spear them the mystery Svetlana? Well it seems like this three-way is coming to an end soon which sucks because I really enjoyed it.

This episode felt like it was just a filler. Debbie is mostly in the the same spot we left her last episode, hassling and waiting to know whether she can keep Frannie or not. Ian is exploring his sexuality a bit more. Liam got the mos screen time he’s ever gotten on a Shameless episode, and lucky for him Frank got him into a private school. Frank seems to be making up for lost time with his older children with Liam. Is he feeling regretful for his old ways? Well he certainly isn’t the neglectful drunk we were introduced to in the first season.