Supergirl (S02E05) “Crossfire”

A group of armed robbers carrying alien tech terrorize the city. Mon-El is getting ready to be a functioning member of society, and James makes a huge decision regarding his life.

Our new episode of Supergirl starts off with a very exuberant Kara and a more than slightly reluctant Mon-El, who is starting his first day of work at Catco! Yay!

Now that Mike Matthews has a real fake identity, it is time to impress all of the assistants and the boss-man. With Eve clearly smitten by Mike #498300…, meeting James is even more rocky; and since Mon-El can uses his powers to help out “Mike”, he is a little testy with Kara on his first day.

At the alien watering-hole, Alex and Maggie are enjoying a game of pool until Alex learns that Maggie and her girlfriend broke up. Not sure who is more concerned about the break up; Maggie or Alex…

While out on a walk, Kara and James see an armed robbery in progress and a man brandishing a weapon that appears to be ineffective against all of Supergirl’s attacks.Meanwhile, James is trying to take down the driver of the car when he also is taken down, along with his father’s camera being run over by the getaway car.

Back at the DEO, Winn identifies what kind of gun that the mysterious criminal was using but not before CADMUS makes it’s ever dramatic appearance on screen. Naturally, CADMUS wants to continue to spread fear and panic among National City’s citizens.Sadly, at a Catco group meeting, it appears to be working.

On a lighter note, Mon-El appears to have given his work the poor Eve who is clearly struggling to keep her work load in check. With his feet up on his desk, Mike is enjoying a huge tube of Red Vines (at least he has good taste) and relaxing.

As if things could not get any more stressful for Kara, Lana Lane shows up and offers Kara an invitation to a gala fundraiser to help repair some of the damage done to the city caused by our humans wielding alien technology. Simply at the sound of a party, Mike of The Intern becomes interested and scores himself an invite to the festivities.

A clearly swooning Alex Danvers is not even attempting to listen to what Winn is saying and really starts to realize something may be up with her sudden interest in Maggie’s love life.

Jostling Alex from her daydreaming, the DEO is getting an alert that there is another attack by the mysterious bandits, this time seemingly to defy gravity.

Naturally, CADMUS is behind the attacks with one Mr. Minor being the ringleader, and of course is giving a bigger and more dangerous gun.

After a very awkward conversation between Maggie and Alex about her sexuality, it seems Mike is making friends with Eve in the copy room. So…do you think he has a sword?

With Kara clearly taken aback (literally), she is understandably upset with Mike for “doing his own thing”, and threatens to dump him as a her student on all things human.

Back the DEO, James seems to be buttering Winn up to find out some information on the gang that has been terrorizing the city. After asking some questions that totally means James is not heading to the Federal Reserve, Winn definitely suspects something is going on with James.

Naturally, cut to the Federal Reserve and a masked man that is roughly the same height, weight, and build as James shows up in an attempt to stop the gang. Our masked man tries to take the crew out with baseball bat only to get his butt handed to him and have a building collapse.

Oh look James. It was you. Winn had no idea. James admits that both he and Winn can be heroes and help fight the good fight, but Winn is not so big on the idea.

Back at her place, Alex explains to Kara that when she first landed on good ol’ planet Earth, Alex wanted Kara to be exactly like her. Kara was not given the chance to find her own path. The speech that Alex gave Kara, she realizes she has to be true to herself and admit some things.

In a shady underground tunnel, Mr. Minor is talking with the leader of CADMUS and tells him that going up against the Luthor family is a bad idea.

Flying onto the balcony, Lena Luthor begs Supergirl to attend the same gala Kara is invited to. What could go wrong?

Commencing with ‘Operation Doubtfire’, Kara is taking down some serious hors d’oeuvres and dancing the night away with Mon-El. That is until the friendly men with the scary guns show up.

Ducking under the stage to escape the weapons, he sees Lena setting a trap for the gang, which thankfully works!

As Detective Sawyer loads the criminals into the van, they are seemingly murdered by the mysterious head of CADMUS, with Sawyer non the wiser as to what is actually happening.

Walking into the ever scary office of Cat, Winn relinquishes and decides to help James in his vigilante cause. He even has a suit in mind. But what about a name…?

In the bunk of Mark Matthews, Kara admits that it is time for Mon-El to forge ahead and pick his own path. Sans a strip club.

After Sawyer’s tough day, Alex admits that she is in fact a lesbian. Big moment for Agent Danvers.

As if there could not be a bigger moment than Alex coming out, it seems that CADMUS has something else in mind. Meeting Supergirl in her office, Lena’s mother comes into the scene, and it is none other than the Director of CADMUS.

Wow, this is season keeps on upping the storyline for our characters. Winn and James have a team up in the works, Supergirl/Kara working to help Mon-El adjust to life on Earth (and maybe developing a little crush in the process?), and of course the two huge things that happened; Alex came out of the closet, and Lena Luthor’s mother seems to be the big bad this season. I am continually amazed by the writing on this show. Sure, it has it’s cheesy moments, but of course it does! The House of El is all about hope and Kara and the show itself hold up to that ideal. Are there aliens? Yeah, but only some of them want to destroy the Earth or enslave the human race. Are there humans that want the same thing? Duh. The parallels between human and alien are closer than one would think. Our production team shows that we are all the same when it comes down to it; beings that just want to love and be loved. Get married, maybe start a family. Live life. The scary thing? How much Mrs.Luthor seems to resent the non-Earthlings for such crimes. She’s going to be a great villain and I can’t wait to see her get knocked on her butt once Supergirl figures out what is really going on. 8.5/10