The Big Bang Theory (S10E08) “The Brain Bowl Incubation”

Review: I did not review last week’s episode so let me get that out of the way first. I really enjoyed it, especially when they were speaking to each other in different languages. It was also fun to see Fun With Flags (or Dr. Sheldon Cooper and Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Present: Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Fun With Flags) back. Once again it showed a lot of growth in Sheldon and Amy’s relationship and I think the writers are exploring that story very well this season. I think it’s great that they’ll continue living together because so far it’s been hilarious.

Then onto this week’s episode. Again a big part of it focuses on Sheldon and Amy. Amy starts a project where she combines her and Sheldon’s skin cells to make functional brain cells. The tests on the cells show exceptional results compared to the results of other samples in Amy’s lab. Now that they know that their DNA together is a great match, Sheldon thinks the logical next step is for them to make a baby. Amy tells him she’s not ready for that yet (obviously, considering how slow they’ve always taken it in their relationship), but Sheldon is convinced that now is the right time. The rest of the episode, Sheldon tries to get Amy to sleep with him by flirting, and while Amy is secretly enjoying it, she doesn’t change her mind.

Meanwhile, we finally get a storyline where Raj is the main character. While he’s working late in the telescope room, he meets the cleaning lady, Isabella. Right from the start, there is some kind of connection between the two and Raj wants to go on a date with her. When he tells his friends that he met someone in the telescope room, they automatically assume that she’s an astronomer, and instead of telling them the truth Raj just goes with it, especially because nothing has happened yet between him and Isabella. When Raj asks her out, she refuses at first, but later when he organizes a dinner in the telescope room, she’s flattered and accepts. However, Howard comes in and accidentally ruins it, by unfolding the lie Raj had told his friends. Isabella walks away, but after Raj apologizes to her, she’s willing to go on a real date with him.

It’s a classic sitcom plot, but I still enjoyed it. Partially because it has been such a long time since we’ve seen Raj on his own, but also because I really like Isabella and I hope she sticks around for a while. I think it’s nice that we finally get some development in Raj’s character again, and I hope we will see more of that now that Isabella is there as well.

The rest of the episode was fantastic. Sheldon was just great as usual. Seeing him flirt will never not be funny and like I said before, it’s great that we get to see the relationship between Sheldon and Amy grow this season. A lot of credit for that goes to Jim Parsons, who’s portrayal of Sheldon has never been better.

Rating: 9.5/10

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