The Vampire Diaries (S08E04) “An Eternity of Misery”

Plot Summary:

Damon’s new mission takes him to Texas, where he has a violent run-in with Peter Maxwell; Stefan and Alaric team up and find the origins of the force they’re up against; Matt is back in the fray after his past and present collide in a surprising way.

When the episode begins we see the history of the first psychic.

Alaric and Stefan go in to the armory to interrogate Sybil and try to figure out why Damon is still under her control even though they have her locked up. Especially because they have a tuning fork to disturb her psychic frequencies.  When they go talk to her she tells them about the history of how she met her sister and became a siren. That’s when she drops a big bombshell.

While Alaric and Stefan are at the armory, Caroline heads off to help Bonnie with Enzo, who is trying to flip Enzo’s humanity switch back on.

Later we see Georgie break into Alaric’s home to do some investigating of her own. Until she gets caught by Alaric’s nanny and they have a confrontation.

While on the road Damon goes on a hunt for a man name Peter Maxwell because Sybil sent him there for some reason. He has no idea why but knows it’s an important reason. He compells Peter to find Damon what he is looking for. After a while Damn notices Peter’s watch and realizes he is on Vervain. Damon then attacks Peter and is then shot, by Matt Donovan.

After Alaric leaves to take a call from Selene, Sybil continues her story about the psychics. As Alaric is on the phone with Selene he sees Georgie in the armory. He goes after her and she ends up locking him up. All the while Sybil distracts Stefan with her past that he doesn’t notice when Georgie comes up behind him and injects Vervain in his neck. This makes us think Sybil’s sister is Georgie. While Stefan is out Sybil invades his mind. She continues with her story of her past.

After a while when Damon wakes up from being shot Matt starts to interrogate Damon. He then finds out that Damon attacked Tyler and left him for dead. Matt leaves Damon alone and chained up.  this leads to Damon finding a creative way to break free.  Once free Daon finds what he was sent to get for Sybil.

Later we see Alaric leave Stefan and Caroline a video message before he tries to find his way out of the room Georgie locked him in. Unfortunately he has to wear a blindfold and pop his ear drums in order to find his way out.

As Sybil is telling Stefan more about her past she lets him know who her sister is, Selene. After Sybil is done telling Stefan everything she lets him go but makes sure he doesn’t remember who her sister is. She erased his memory because she had orders from another unknown presence. Stefan finds out from Sybil that if he wants to save his brother he needs to kill the devil named Caid.

He doesn’t believe what Sybil is telling him. As they continue their discussion on Caid, Alaric is finally able to make his way out of the room he was trapped.

When Matt left Damon he and his father went to go find Tyler where Damon told him he would be. Unfortunately they did not find him alive.

As the episode comes to a close we see Selene meet up with Georgie. She was hoping Georgie would free Sybil but she did not want to be rescued. That ends up having a bad consequence for Georgie.