Timeless (S01E05) “The Alamo”

When Flynn travels back to The Alamo, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus travels there learning only feeling and hope when things change once again.

This might be one of the fun and most interesting episodes so far. The series does amaze me week after week of the story and the well known historian characters.

After a freaky night that Rufus had with Rittenhouse, he confronts Conner about it only to tell him that he needs to do his job. Meanwhile, Wyatt was about to be transferred because he has not done his job taking out Flynn, but before that could happen the staff spotted Flynn heading back to 1836, The Alamo.

Of course, Flynn tried to make a deal with Mexican President General Antonio Lopez da Santa Anna to help to take Texas, only three days before the actually end date.  But as Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus gets to the Alamo, Flynn gets in there and kills William B. Travis just before he was writing his :Victory or Death letter.”

The Mexican army was speeding up the process, something that Flynn didn’t want to happen and asked Santa Anna to let the women and children go, but he wasn’t gonna take any order or advise from Flynn.

With Travis dead, Wyatt tells Lucy to write it, even if she couldn’t remember a lot of what was said. While that was going on, Wyatt was advising James Bowie about how to handle the Mexican army and told Bowie about his sacrificing for the good and how he lost his friend in the war.

As the war starts, Rufus tries to breaks a stone floor where there’s a underground passageway so that the women and children could run safe. And soon Lucy figures out what to say after listening to Wyatt speak about how it can’t come from the mind set but how it feels from the heart and boy did that get the ball rolling.

As they were about to leave, Wyatt saves a young John William Smith and gave him a letter and ordered him to deliver it. By the way that Smith kid will soon became the first Mayor of San Antonio.

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus made it back with Lucy and Rufus telling Agent Christopher that they won’t go on any more missions without Wyatt. Wyatt gets to stay and inform his old army buddy about the bad news but they rekindled and hope to see one another.

Lucy gets back home and tries to reconcile with her mother, who they had an argument about her job, wedding and her father. Well, she tells Lucy about her father, that he’s a professor and is outspoken person. But she handled her a folded note, but we don’t get to see or know who it is. My guess would have to be Flynn.

This episode had a lot of really good things, one being that we get to learn more about Wyatt, him recalling his last duty in the army. Another was just watching and listening to Davy Crockett. Yeah I might be a fan, watching old series with my grandfather. Each of the characters dealing with finding hope and feeling, which I would think is a moral to the episode. With what Lucy had to do with writing the letter, Wyatt’s speech not just to Lucy but to Bowie too.

What did you think of the episode? Like it? Hate it? Leave a comment!

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