Family Guy: (S15E06) “Hot Shots”

Most notably, this was a fun episode of Hollywood stars and references, as well as a reminder to vaccinate our children. This is sometimes taken very seriously by parents and communities; there are pros and cons.

After Peter injures Stewie while trying to capture “Bat Damon” a bat that has somehow entered the home, Peter and Lois are reminded that Stewie has not received the mandatory shots for communicable diseases.  Lois weighs the pros & cons & decides not to vaccinate. Peter agrees after researching Jenny McCarthy, who is a supporter of the “just say no” to vaccinations campaign; her beauty, bosom and glasses being the deciding factor. As concerned parents, Lois and Peter start a campaign encouraging the community  to “just say no to vaccines”

When they finally decide to take the shots,  after the entire city is quarantined; we find Peter, as Heath Ledger’s Joker in nurse’s drag, has blown up the storage houses, destroying the city’s supply.
With a threat of disease and death looming, Stewie decides to run away before he ends up like John Goodman! 

Yet due to a series of events, Stewie is saved from a certain death fall by a sky diving Sean Penn, as himself. ( this gets funnier as I write it) He glides in, picks up Stewie & soft lands with a fresh & new supply of the vaccines and saves the day.

 The usual and customary series of events that lead to the bizarre is a Family Guy staple that  is even funnier when celebrities are involved.  However, the reference to the death of Heath Ledger still feels too soon, even after all of this time. Yet overall the show was light in addressing this particular current event and the pros and cons of immunization.  There’s always room for a laugh or a smile in situations that appear to be particularly annoying in the moment.  We’re lucky there’s a Family Guy! 

Honorable mention: Grandpa of the Munsters, Lestat in Interview with The Vampire