Once Upon A Time: (S06E08) “I’ll Be Your Mirror”


From being just in the background last episode, Henry has risen. He became the major part in defeating the Evil Queen, not totally tho. I liked that he knows the difference between Regina and the Evil Queen. Also, he was the one who save them both from the world behind the mirror.

Meanwhile, Snow and David made the most of their situation. It was cute and amazing to watch but painfully sad at the same time. A perfect curse for them to be not together.

I’m still at the first stage of my grief about the Evil Queen and Gold’s alliance, denial. Why can’t they just work together without having a sexual affair? Gold is just making it harder for himself be worthy of his son and he’s cheating on Belle. I got why Belle wanted to get away and be in the different realm right now so she can be far away as possible to him.

Also, Aladdin and Jasmine story hasn’t come to an end yet. I think they still need to get back to Agrabah to have a closure.

As the season goes on, the Evil Queen is getting into my nerves. I hate how she always outwit Regina. She’s making her look stupid. But, I love how she always come up with a plan in destroying the good guys. And now, she’s conflicted between killing Zelena and staying in the alliance with Gold. I wonder what she will choose, her being the sister Zelena ever wanted or betraying her to be with Gold.