Chicago Fire (S05E05): “I Held Her Hand”

As the title suggests, “I Held Her Hand” focuses on one specific event that causes a passive aggressive “I’m right, your wrong” war between Casey and Severide. This is likely to appear in following episodes. I’m excited to see how this unfolds and understand more of Casey’s reasoning. They each saw two very different sides to the same event, so this is a new but great storyline.

It’s unfortunate to see Sheets on Fire get squashed just when things looked promising for the wannabe authors. I’m hoping they’ll find a way around the threat? Perhaps publishing under fake names? It’s good to show the characters and their other hobbies outside of the firehouse. I hope the writers can find a way to continue this.

As for the overall episode, I feel like there was a lot of little things going on, it was impossible to really focus on one thing, besides maybe the wife and husband scandal. The young graffiti artist was a cute plot, and clearly a sort of comic relief in the episode. The episode also targeted youth cyberbullying – well, they didn’t really discuss it, but they portrayed a morbid version of it through the prom fail.

I’d rate “I Held Her Hand” a B. Good, but not the best.