Lucifer (S02E08) “Trip to Stabby Town” Review

Nothing like a run through the park to get your cardio in the morning but too bad for this runner she was being chased by some guy who ended up stabbing her to death. Dr. Martin is ready to see Lucifer again but now that she believes that he’s the Devil she has so many questions that the roles of their therapy sessions became somewhat reversed as Linda tried to wrap her mind around the whole divinity existing thing. Lucifer’s day gets worse when he finds out that Azrael’s dagger was used finding that someone had dug up Uriel’s body and stole the divine blade. Apparently for humans Azrael’s dagger is like a drug driving the user mad with the desire to murder people even for the smallest of offenses. Lucifer needs to keep this from Chloe to protect her and also so she doesn’t find out who he really is (not that he hid it from the beginning but given Linda’s reaction to seeing the Devil’s true colors Lucifer doesn’t want to risk his friendship with Chloe). Lucifer gets Maze and Amenadiel to help him move Uriel’s body while he gets Ella to help him by offering her a favor. She whispers the favor in his ear and Lucifer goes from intrigued to horrified. What did Ella want in return?


Chloe meanwhile gets suspicious and a bit jealous of the time Lucifer is spending with their forensic scientist. Lucifer tells her it’s nothing but Chloe can’t help but wonder. Lucifer finds out through Ella’s science that his Mother was behind it by drawing a map to Uriel’s grave for many of her clients. Lucifer is upset that his mom would do this as innocent humans were dying because of his mother’s whims to try and get his Father’s attention. Mom says it’s so they could mourn over Uriel together but I’m not buying it and neither was Lucifer. But it raised a question as Mom asked him why humans dying bothered the Devil so much. Lucifer wasn’t even sure. The dagger passed from the first killer’s hands to a yoga class where almost the entire yoga class including the first killer were dead except for the yoga instructor who was missing. The Yogi, some guy named Glory is a suspect but his only crime was too many pop tarts. Amenadiel and Maze team up for the day and she says his “Mama’s Boy” issues was unattractive. Amenadiel tried to counter but all it seemed to do was reveal that he kinda misses Maze.


Ella begins to suspect that Lucifer is hiding something as well when she realizes his favor and the case are the same but Lucifer asks her to have faith in him. Chloe figures out that a female yogi was teaching the massacre class and Lucifer goes off to find her believing that she has Azrael’s dagger. He gets there first but Glory is dead, stabbed in the heart by the female yogi but her reasons were much more sympathetic for the Devil as Glory sexually assaulted her years ago. The divine dagger dragged all those ugly feelings back. When the police arrive Lucifer says that the woman had acted in self defense getting her off the hook. Unfortunately Dan had gotten a hold of the dagger. He goes into a blind rage against Lucifer saying that he ruined his marriage and his life. But Lucifer manages to get through to Dan who also fights the power of the dagger. Dan lets go of his rage against Lucifer who pockets the dagger. Chloe is upset to find the murder weapon missing. Lucifer promises that he and Ella have been working on the case and that he always has Chloe’s back. Speaking of Ella, turns out her favor is Lucifer attend church with her for a night. Lucifer isn’t happy about it but a deal’s a deal. Linda finally gets a grip on her situation with Lucifer and settles back into being his therapist again to help him work through his issues. Well that worked out at least but Mom is a bit peeved that Lucifer got the dagger too soon before it could do real damage. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he agrees with Mom (not the murdering innocent humans part mind you) that they need to get Father’s attention and get back home as they don’t belong on Earth. However, Lucifer is adamant in staying on Earth as it’s the only place he ever felt loved, respected, and happy; the only place he considered home. Mom sees Azrael’s dagger flame up a bit in Lucifer’s angry grasp and backs off but she has a plan.


A+! So glad Lucifer and Dr. Martin are back on track. Now that she knows that Lucifer isn’t talking in metaphors she can really help him work through his issues. Not liking how Amenadiel is siding with Mom. Feels like that could be trouble and would Amenadiel really back his mother killing more innocent humans? Mom seems to have a plan that involves hurting Chloe and I thought Amenadiel liked her? I do feel like Mom’s plan is being slowly revealed but we can guess that her plan is to take control of Heaven from God. Dan came very close to discovering the divine but he managed to shake it off. Will he brush that incident off or wonder about it? I think since he barely remembers so he won’t pursue it which is sad because it would have been interesting if Dan found out the truth about Lucifer. Linda didn’t take it well but she came around though doubtful Dan would have been okay with the Devil hanging around his ex-wife and kid. Anyway until next episode we’ll see how the Goddess of Creation wreaks more havoc in Lucifer’s neighborhood.