Teen Wolf (S06E01) “Memory Lost” 

It’s finally here! The epic Final Season of Teen Wolf & the Finale of the Gang being together. Are you ready for the feels?

The series opens up with a preview for last season’s finale & all it’s crazy goreyness to the now. Where Liam is in the dark woods with his girlfriend & a broken down car. There supposed to be on a date but they have no tire..not even a spare for that matter. When they honestly think there’s no hope for the old car at all, another mysterious car arrives. There saved right? Wrong! This car has no driver, no window shield, and no passengers…wait. I lied, there is a boy who’s scared half to death that doesn’t want “them” to take him as well.

Our next shot shows Scott & Stiles explaining to Papa Stilinski  a very funny attempted robbery mission. With Stiles implying, “We did tell him to pull over.” Not in a nice way though since Scott did go alpha on the guy driving the trunk, which was only full of helium. Plus Scott did claw the crap out of the truck. As the boys are driving through the night Scott is telling Stiles that Beacon Hills really won’t need them anymore since they are graduating soon & will go off to college. Stiles doesn’t want to listen for he knows Beacon will burn to the ground without them being there to help out. His wish was granted of course, with just a phone call with needing a little help from a boy who has no memory. The boy named Alex has no care what so ever what they do to him as long as he can remember what happened to his parents (brave kid). Scott pulls out the claws & goes to work. In the boys memory its a peaceful drive with mom & dad at a night at the movies. An just discussing who was or wasn’t scared & just getting a good laugh. That’s until the car comes to a halt. There’s a dark figure on the horse blocking there way, but a dark figure with a gun. Dad can’t go in reverse, the wife is yelling, the son is freaking out, and then shots are fired! Doesn’t hit anyone, only the window. An in that split few seconds his parents are taken from him without a trace.

Scott tells Papa Stilinski that his parents were taken by a dark figure but nothing more then that. An of course Stiles doesn’t give up & gets his Batman on with calling Lydia for some assistance on the matter. Not dead. Malia shows up as a coyote from scouting & says she can’t find the bodies at all. Possibly consumed or broken down. All the clues they’ve gathered to them just leads to a “Missing” case. Malia & Lydia basically want the boys to let the cops handle this one for it’s not supernatural. Still still skeptical on the matter, sits in the car and thinks….but all that thinking wasn’t need it. Just a quick eye observation to notice that all the other cars in the lot that had bullet holes in them weren’t the same as this car. The whole window was destroyed & the glass was a completely different color. Magic Bullets. The next day is Yearbook Picture Day or as I would like to say Photo Year Book Bomb day ft. Stiles. Stiles was very impatient & ready to ask Malia or Scott or Lydia to go with him to check out the house the boy & his family was staying in. All rejected with already TO DO things. (I can just tell Stiles will never truly have a full on interest for school. Only the thrill of solving a mystery.) He even tried to sneek away with Scott but Lydia’s Mom showed up & was like nope! You gotta wait til that 3:30pm.

While Scott, Stiles, & Lydia sat through a long drown boring movie. In the Science Lab ( yes I’m jumping scenes, sorry if it confuses you) a new hot teachers shows up. He’s got the girls wanting to throw there panties & even the guys throwing there boxers! Like dang teach, are you an Incubus by any chance? Lol. But Liam an his small gang find out (after making a group of four or more for the project)  that something is off with the compasses on there phones. Even pulled an invisible man moment to get an old pocket watch to make sure it wasn’t just there phones. Nope. North was pointing a different way, an they were ready to follow it all the way. Back in the class with Alpha Gang, the bell finally rung. They bolted so quick on the screen I swear it was a blur. Stiles was really ready to go. But Lydia stayed, she was having one of her moments…which led to being struck by freaking lightning. Then seen just standing perfectly fine like nothing happen. Yeah, that’s not weird at all. Just like Scott & Stiles didn’t find the house they pulled up to weird at all. The whole house was literally full of dust, like no one lived there for more then 20 years are so. No furniture. Barely dishwear. No presence of life. An almost every room was empty, except the boys room. All of his stuff was there. Scott left the room cause he heard a noise but Stiles stayed for he noticed that not just the family’s things were gone but there whole being in photos were gone. He basically put together that Alex’s parents were being erased.

This is where things start to shift. The wind blew under the bed, Stiles got curious, looked under, and the horses legs of the black rider could be seen. But wasn’t there in the room. Stiles had to bolt. But was greeting by an unfamiliar face in the hall and shot at about four times. Like a warning. Downstairs Scott found the source to the noise was non other then Mason & Corey following the damn compass. Scott now knows something is off, even more off with all the noise Stiles is making upstairs. No bullets in the door, no man on the horse, is Stiles seeing stuff? Well no time to figure it all out cause guess what, Alex is about to leave this world. Literally. Through the freaking roof! These fools are persistent as hell, the roof. Really?! Hey it got the job done & it made everyone forget. Scott & Stiles didn’t find this out til later on that night. When there was lacrosse practice, when Liam an the gang found that dead body & a mysterious figure watching over them, and the fact that Stiles is looking for his dad. Why? Cause no one is remembering Stiles. Yup. Right when they got on the school campus, Stiles wanted to tell Scott something but the words never came out. Once they split, no on recognized Stiles at all. Liam and his gang, Lydia’s mom, his dad (that hurt), and not even Scott. I swear to you I thought he was going to have a panic attack while running. But Lydia finally called his name (after finally figuring out what was going on and Malia forgot about Stiles) which made me jump for joy.

The last & final few scenes show Stiles & Lydia running away from three riders. Not one. Not two. But three! That means Stiles is special! In his Jeep he can’t freak out anymore for there is no more time left. He holds Lydia’s hand & recalls all the amazing memories he had with her. He tells her not to forget. She says she won’t. He says he’s always loved her & then vanishes. She chants remember remember remember.

But the last scene, she doesn’t remember him or what she was supposed to do.

I’ll let that sink in for yall.