Aftermath: (S01E08) “Here Is No Water But Only Rock”


This was one of the most bizarre episodes of the series so far. The air is poison, the volcano is active and there are dangers in the sky and beneath the earth. No place is safe and you are left wondering how much more can this family take? They have been separated once more and will do anything to be together again. 

Karen has been buried in rubble from the volcano. It doesn’t look good for our heroine, until another trapped stranger comes to her aid. Nothing is ever as it seems though, although this man is helpful you secretly wonder if he is a homicidal maniac. Normal doesn’t exist in this universe, as we keep finding out. 

On the outside, there are other dangers. Dad and Dana are trapped out in the elements. The whole world seems to be covered with debris, dust and smoke. They must take cover under the RV, in hopes that their gas masks don’t fail them. There are some touching father.daughter moments between the two, as Josh reassure’s a panicked Dana that “No one is dying.” It seems to be a running theme. 

Meanwhile Brianna and Matt are stuck in the bunker, which is feeling more like a prison than a safe place. Sitting around and waiting is not their strong suit, so instead of being trapped, Matt finally uses his head and thinks before acting, hatching a plan to force the doors open. (Fire does wonders!). Although when the familiar shrieking is heard overhead, it causes some conflict. In these times its better to face the proverbial demons head on, rather than to hide from them.

The door opens, exposing them to the elements and a dead creature (Dragon. Prehistoric bird. Same difference). Score one for the Copeland’s, maybe today will be their day after all. As they regroup at the RV, their sights are now set on finding Karen. Hope is becoming harder and harder to grasp onto now, but Dana is convinced that they will all be together again. In times like these all you have is hope, and family. 

Cue the trippy hallucinations and voices that Karen begins to encounter while trying to escape the  mountain caverns. There are drawings on the wall, and it causes her to recollect everything that has happened to her and the family so far. The helpful stranger has now become deranged and is and yelling strange things, which doesn’t help the sanity level. There seem to be signs all over the place now. They used to be hidden, but now they are coming to the surface more and more. Somehow every one of them is connected to the bigger picture. 

Fade to black. And Karen is still trapped under all the rubble. She was never rescued, she was there the whole time. It was a profound moment, where she accepted whatever fate had in store for her. Little did she know her family was risking their lives to find her, due to a tracking device that told them of her whereabouts. And as she passes in and out of consciousness, her children’s voices call out to her. The smile on her face is one of peace, something that has been lacking in her life. Then she is yanked back to reality, and back into the arms of her loving family.

It was time to go home. So much time had passed (or has it?). They are coming to the realisation that time isn’t what it used to be, there is no balance anymore. Hours have become days, and weeks have become months. But they are together again, and that’s all that matters. The family that survives together, stays together for life. But home is no longer where the heart is, they find that out the hard way when a Feverhead has been hard at work destroying the last pieces of their old life. It’s a wake up call.

They must keep moving forward. They have all changed now. They can never go back, no matter how hard they try. So they must close the door on this chapter, and continue onward to the end of the world. Even with all this hardship and strife, they still have some humanity left in them. Showing that they will never give up, and will keep helping, even if it kills them. 

I shall keep tuning in. There be dragons on the horizon. Lots of them. And they may hold a key to something greater. 


Rating: 9/10