Bull: (S01E06) “Bedside Manner”

“World-class achievers and world-class egos go hand in hand”

Failing miserably during the mirror jury theatrics; this is the strategy and the latest defense for Dr Terry Robeson (Tom Lipinski) a surgeon with a God complex that covers the cosmos. Bull seeks the perfect jurors with egos of Greek gods; thus tapping into that sense of self and empathy for the doctor.

 I liked this episode; surprisingly.  “Bull has to find a way to reverse the negative effect of a surgeon with a God complex, who is being sued for malpractice” has no real interest for me.  I went into it thinking of Alec Baldwin in “Malice” even the procedure was similar. Yet the episode got my attention right away, which is often not the case with Bull. It opens with a very scared and nervous sounding patient, being comforted by the staff as she’s rolled into the operating room. Then the series of events: The arrival of the surgeon, demanding his music (hip hop) before the procedure…what’s happening during the procedure and the moment of “uh oh” we’ve got a problem was perfection. The doc is a very close friend of Marissa, so she asks Bull to take the case. He does.  Even though mutual, professional respect went out the window, when Dr Terry declares, “a psychologist is not a real doctor! ” 

 Tom Lipiniski, (Dr. Terry Robeson) was very convincing as the obnoxious, egotistical surgeon. It was definitely a “love to hate” characterization of a man who knows and loves only himself. Yet again, things are not always what they seem.  We learn a lot more about the Doctor and Marissa, a former lover of the god, by show’s end.  We learn why she left him and why he could not ask her to stay.

 The return of Liberty Davis (Dena Tyler) was a good addition. She appears odd and out of place, yet this works to her advantage. “Ya’never see her coming’ I hope she is confirmed to recurring. The jury tampering that led to what really happened in that O.R was a perfect twist to a case that leaves me wondering, if this could have been another “white whale” and the one that got away from the Trial Scientist.  I’m glad it didn’t