Chicago PD (S04E07): “300,000 Likes”

The 2 hour season finale of Chicago PD felt like living a day in the life of the officers. With two very different but intense cases, viewers experienced how quickly officers must move on from one case to the next.

The first episode “300,000 Likes,” felt like every other episode. The only thing different was that there was a little more attention paid to the court (which was setting up for Chicago Justice). The episode was slower, but focused on smaller details that usually get forgotten because of other things going on in episodes. Having one main case minimized distraction.

Mikes character is developed further as he enjoys the comic relief of a man they pull over. It’s kind of sad to see a police officer making fun of an innocent person and his lifestyle, but  Mike is reprimanded for his actions, and that is good to see. Burgess’ following conversation with Platt is a little confusing. She states, “I didn’t say anything,” which I think refers to her standing up for Mike. She’s trying to cover up her tracks in hopes of making it into Intelligence, but if this was the case, Platt didn’t really need to get mad at her in the first place.

Everyone has strong personalities in this episode, particularly Erin and Jay. Each of these offices seem uniquely disgusted and driven to find justice in each episode. It’s nice to see different sides of their personality shine through.

Overall this episode wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It was more in-depth in some cases, but not a standout episode based on all episodes in the series.

Score: B+