Chicago PD (S04E08): “A Shot Heard Round the World”

Immediately following “300,000 Likes” follows “A Shot Heard Round the World,” a dramatic episode which tackles timely subject matter.

This episode wasn’t as dramatic as it was advertised. The end didn’t live up to expectations of drama which I had prepared for, but there certainly was a cliffhanger.

Jay’s official dinner with Bonny presented itself to be incredibly cute – I mean, Erin did call him her boyfriend. But, Bonny was her typical rude self who brought a cliffhanger of an ending for her daughter – Dad’s back in town and looking to reunite with Erin. What are your predictions?

The plot of this episode was very current and that made it very interesting. I thought one of the core characters was supposed to be injured, so that was a little bit of a let down. However, it was dramatic, sad, and eventful.

While this season finale was great, there were some off beats. For starters, where did Mouse go? Has he already enlisted again? I would have expected more of a goodbye. Maybe I just overlooked it in a previous episode, but I shouldn’t have been able to miss something like that.

In terms of the pace, it was nice the plot was slowed down, but sometimes it felt too slow. We get so used to the face paced show, that we start to predict things and sometimes I felt like I got to the finish line before the characters did. This can be used to the show’s advantage, but I just don’t think they found the perfect balance yet.

screen shot 2016 11 17 at 1 57 32 pm - Chicago PD (S04E08): "A Shot Heard Round the World"

It’s sad to see Antonio go, but the writers handled this transition beautifully. Who’s excited for Chicago Justice?

Let me know your predictions for Season 5 which kicks off January 3rd! How will Burgess make the transition into Intelligence? Will the balance be off without Antonio? And how will Erin’s dad in town effect her? Comment your thoughts!