Impastor (S02E08) “My Little Brother’s Little Brother’s Keeper”

Plot Summary:

Buddy tries to counsel Russell’s brother, but things go awry; Dora runs for church president against Schmidt; and Buddy grapples with his feelings for Alexa.

Impastor tonight was packed with so much awesomeness! There was fighting, sex, secrets and lies.  One thing we saw was Russell asked Buddy for help with his little bother’s little brother.

Buddy tried his best with helping out, even though he didn’t give him the best advice. Austin took Buddy’s advice literally about how to deal with bullies and it may have had a really bad result for him.

Another awesome part of this week’s episode is the race for church president. Last week Hilva “Alden’s wife” asked Dora to run against Alden for the presidency. Having the two of them fight each other was funny.  We got to see Alden freak out a little when he heard he had competition.

Alden also didn’t like how Dora reacted when he kept ruining her speech to the congregation.  Her reaction was hysterical.

Another part of this episode that was great was seeing Buddy try to figure out how to handle what happened with Alexa in last week’s episode. Alexa of course isn’t helping hi stay away from her.

Buddy definitely is having trouble keeping his hands off Alexa.

Hopefully they can just keep everyone else from finding out about what happened.  Especially if Buddy is trying to keep his secret identity a secret. Of course Sheriff Graham is trying anything she can to find out his secrets and to figure out how Buddy is tied to Ray’s death.

Unfortunately Sheriff Graham is no closer to the truth after this funny polygraph test. But Buddy does end up getting caught by someone who knows his secret.

Can’t wait to see how Buddy gets out of this next week.

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