Madam Secretary: (S03E06) “The Statement”


I knew, based on the trailer, that this episode was going to make me sad…and angry. The unjust treatment and blame that all American Muslims or rather all Muslims have to endure because a few radicals is ridiculous. 

A Story: The episode starts off with a suicide bombing in Matt’s hometown by a man who attends the same mosque as Matt’s mother; a mosque he also donated to. This raises many questions as to Matt’s affiliation with the mosque and the bomber because the media is biased like that. Many, including the people he works with want him to make a statement but he keeps silent. After a bar brawl that was started when some racists spotted him he spoke to his colleagues. See below for my thoughts on that. After he spoke to them he took time off to go be with his mother and take her to mosque, while still ignoring questions from the biased media.

B Story: Dimitri grew his hair and is looking even more fine. He’s not doing well. He kicked in a customer’s tv and got sent to prison. Henry went to speak with him. Dimitri, now Alexander, feels cut off from everything including the sense of fulfillment he  got from helping people. Henry could not bring him back in to do intelligence work, because of their deal with Russia but he did manage to get Dimitri’s sister over to the US. This should help to placate him, for now. I think we might see more of him. 

Buss laugh moment of this episode: When their daughter tells them that she will be writing her college essays on her makeup tutorials. LOL Their facial expressions were priceless. But they let her be; free to make her own mistake or not, cue the final reading of her essay where she spoke intelligently about the world at large. 

Punched in the feels moment of this episode:  When Russell Jackson called Matt into his office to tell him to make a statement regarding his donation to the mosque that may have had a hand in the bombing in Matt’s hometown, his calm demeanor evaporated with Matt’s silence, until he let out a visceral damnation of Matt. Having people you don’t know, who don’t know you, judge you and treat you terribly. Having someone you know, who knows you, suddenly treat you like a pariah because it’s easier to do so that stand by your side, that cuts much, much deeper. 

Made me ponder for a sec moment of this episode:  Matt’s speech…because it’s true. His condemnation should have been implied. His very own should not have questioned it. Why do we refuse to see each other as more different rather than more alike? Why is empathy so difficult?

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