The Blacklist (S04E08) “Dr. Adrian Shaw Conclusion”

Alexander Kirk is not only desperate to leave the hospital, but he’s taking his “daughter” Masha with him, however Reddington has other plans. Meanwhile Mr. Kaplan has an unexpected encounter with her supposed captor.

Now that Kirk’s team is in full assault mode on the hospital, Liz is doing her best to convince her Constantine to call of the extraction team, but it’s too late.

With Kirk’s men already inside the hospital, the episode turns to Mr. Kaplan who seems to have a serious infection. Her captor has some serious trust issues. Thankfully, it looks like she is already planning an escape attempt.

Reddington has Dr. Shaw is looking for a mysterious ‘Patient Zero’ in order to aid in taking Kirk down, while Kirk is slightly delirious; insisting that Red faked the results that said Liz is not his daughter.

After a fierce firefight between Tom and Kirk’s men, Mr. Kaplan has a strange encounter with her captor. Seems she’s being let go from the unnamed man’s grasp.

Now that Patient Zero is being tracked down and Kirk is hearing that Liz is not his daughter, Red is introducing Dr. Reifler to Dr. Shaw. The two talk about Patient Zero aka Lucille Bockes who is apparently a prosecuting attorney. Something that will no doubt come into play later in the episode…

Kirk calls Red to offer him a deal: Red in exchange for Liz, and is clearly willing to die for her. Surely he must have something up his sleeve.

Before Red gets into his captors’ van, he begs Dembe to forgive him for what happened to Mr. Kaplan in addition to the various other occurrences that happened through out their friendship. Dembe is clearly upset by Red’s final words before a black hood is placed over his head.

It seems that Mr. Kaplan is starting to trust the unnamed man, even trusting him enough to help him how she managed to get shot in the face by Reddington.

“The ripe apple falls. It doesn’t know what else to do.”

With Red in Kirk’s clutches, there is another abduction in place: it seems Tom and Dembe have a specific lawyer in the back seat of their town car.

Torture is never a pretty sight, and it’s no different in Red’s case. Thankfully, Dr. Reifler has come in to offer Kirk a chance to live. After his requests for all of the tests to be run, it seems that he can be cured. Even more amazingly, Red admitted to being Liz’s father.

Right before Kirk about to end Red’s life, he utters something into his ear that keeps Kirk from pushing the plunger down into his neck.

As Mr. Kaplan walks away from he captor, a friendly driver picks her up.

Now that Red has escaped from Kirk and is back with Liz, Tom, and Agnes, Red holds Agnes and comments on how much Liz’s father would have loved to have been there to see Agnes grow up.


Damn you Blacklist! Must you keep the answers to the questions that we have to yourselves? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still just as invested as I was at the pilot, but this is just cruel. All in all, a great episode. We saw how far Reddington was willing to go for his true love of Agent Keen. Genuine props to James Spader for this episode. The man always seems to have a smugness that makes Red so defiant and confident that you can’t help but root for him; even if his is a murderous con man. 7.5/10