The Exorcist (S01E07) Chapter Seven: “Father of Lies”

Since The Exorcist is taking a break on the 25th, let’s catch up and be ready for the episode on the 18th. For me, this is a bridge episode…bringing the story of Casey and the reveal of Regan MacNeil together. It also brought Bennett into Marcus’s world, letting Bennett know he’s telling the truth about what’s really going on in the city. Bennett also got to meet some of our evil cabal, mainly in the form of Maria Walters (the “choose me, choose me lady). Walter’s may have found a foot in the door to the power she craves. This episode was a wonderful showcase of Geena Davis’ acting ability..such moving scenes. It also allowed Ben Daniels to play on Marcus’ crisis of faith. It was a beautiful episode.

Let’s look at what happened:

The opening scene is of Father Tomas conducting a church service. The Rance’s, still no word on Casey prays. As they are leaving, people aren’t making their lives easy, since the true identity of Regan and Chris MacNeil came out. They ask again for help in trying to find Casey. A wife of one of the ambulance drivers comes forward and blame A/R because “your little demon girl” killed her husband. When the Rance’s return home, A/R has a heart to heart with her mother. A/R tells Chris she was a good mother, only doing what was best for her. For so long, A/R felt so unclean. Now it’s her daughter who must feel that way. A/R understands why Chris did what she did.

This story actually started nine days before, when Marcus pulled Casey from the water. She was dead, but, as Marcus says, God brought her back…along with Captain Howdy. Tomas and Marcus rush her to the nuns, keeping her whereabouts unknown to her family. He keeps trying to drive the demon out, but it seems to have set up housekeeping. During a particularly violent attack, Casey bites Tomas on the hand. Bernadette has Casey sedated and wants to “put the girl out of her misery.” Marcus won’t have that. He’s intent on saving her. But, as Tomas points out, why did God bring Casey back **along with** the demon? That gives Marcus pause for thought. He’s pissed that the killer nuns want to do such a think, but becomes torn when Casey whispers to him, “No more.”

While trying to prepare for the Pope’s arrival, Bennett worries about the Pontiffs safety. Maria Walters (choose me! choose me!) assures him everything is in place, no need to worry. Bennett reluctantly agrees and goes off. As he’s passing a door, he opens it , only to find the human organs piled up.He’s then attacked by two possessed homeless guys. He fights them off (Bennett got serious moves), but is visibly shaken as he drives the demons out. Bennett now understands and believes what Marcus has been saying. He tells Tomas as much.

Tomas is still messing around with Jessica…this story line could play out into something interesting, and I know it represents Tomas’ struggle between the spirit and the flesh. Hopefully it get woven into the story. He’s waiting for a sign from God that he’s doing the right thing, but still nothing. Jessica tries to help him….by seducing him again, but Tomas tells her she doesn’t understand and leaves in a snit. That demon bite is becoming worse, so he head to a pharmacy to try to get some antibiotics. No dice, Padre, you don’t have a script. There’s a customer who recognizes him and tries to take a selfie. At this point Tomas has had enough and gets into a fight with the guy. Before the clerk can call the police, Maria Walters intervenes. She takes him to her car, where he spills the beans about everything. She sits back and grins….has she found a foothold to the power she craves? Possibly.

She drops Tomas at the Rance’s, where A/R is having a breakdown in the shower. She no longer feels Casey…like Casey is gone. So Tomas has a good idea that can mean nothing but trouble…bring Casey home.