The Flash (S03E06) “Shade”

Okay so I honestly have to say this episode was not the greatest episode but it did have some nice points in it. I will get to that in a bit of the episode but I will say that I was impressed with the scenes that I did like of the episode and I’m hoping to see what becomes of Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) in future episodes now since shes slowly but surely becoming the villainous icy queen Killer Frost.

So we had a lot that went on in this episode with it first starting out with Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) telling Joe (Jesse L. Martin) about his dreams that hes been having about him being “Kid Flash” which even Joe thinks thats the weirdest name ever and Wally even agrees it could use some work on the name part but he continues on saying how he was saving people like how Barry (Grant Gustin) does with his speedster abilities. And Wally thinks it might even be because of him getting hit with that second dark matter wave of the particle accelerator re-do which caused Barry to get his speed back. But Joe warns Wally about his dreams that they could be from Alchemy trying to lure him just how he did with all the other meta’s they have encountered.

Julian (Tom Felton) ended up finding another tusk and brought it to the lab to run test to find out whose tusk this might be and who might be his next victim of finding answers to what powers they have acquired. Barry makes a point to try to get Julian to open up to him more for them to work on another case together but sadly Julian declines thinking of it as the worst idea ever. Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) then brings the news of both Barry and Julian are now appointed as meta-human csi’s in short terminology. With that news Julian and Barry get to work on finding out about a new case where a man can turn himself into a living “shadow man” so the two CSI’s investigate the corpse but find no evidence they can use to ID the murderer.

Barry then goes to Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and the team to try to find out anything about the case. HR Wells (Tom Cavanagh) then tells the team they had a meta-human similar on their earth that called himself “Shade” which is a horrible nickname for a villain but whatever. Caitlin then talks to Cisco alone about an important issue she has powers and they are not so hot. Cisco then vibes Caitlin to find out if she really does become the icy queen of death aka Killer Frost. When Cisco vibes he sees him as Vibe and Caitlin as Killer Frost fighting and at the end of the vibe Cisco goes down with an icicle going through his right shoulder. Cisco lies to Caitlin telling her that he saw nothing but later on tells Caitlin about what he vibed.

With the team trying to stop Wally from getting his powers, they then try using him as bait to take down Alchemy forever. While stopping Alchemy; Wally almost gets his throat slit but Joe saves him from the made follower. But the whole SWAT team is killed by a speedster with blue lightning, Barry then chooses to run after the speedster but the speedster caught Barry and begins choking him. Wally then touches Alchemy’s jewel which converts Wally into a husk! Barry asks the speedster who he is and we receive the name Savitar! Which I always knew they were going to bring in a speedster for this season because the creators of the show said so but it actually makes sense now with Dr. Alchemy and making it seem Alchemy has followers but in reality they are Savitar’s followers and when Alchemy failed in this episode Savitar had to finally make himself known to Barry. But the questions we have now are Who is under the Alchemy mask? and What does Savitar have planned for Team Flash?

Next Episode: The Flash (S3E7): Killer Frost airs Tuesday November 22, 2016