The Goldbergs (S04E07) “Ho-ly K.I.T.T.”

Review: It’s Thanks-f**king-giving in the Goldberg household, which means a visit from Uncle Marvin, Murray’s brother. The two have a bit of a history of not getting along, but this year it’s different. But let’s first go back to a few days before Thanksgiving. Adam sees that K.I.T.T., the Knight Rider car, will be in the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day parade and he wants to go there. Beverly usually wants to give Adam everything he wants, but because it’s Thanksgiving she tells him he can’t go.

When Thanksgiving finally rolls around, Barry informs Beverly that he won’t be coming to dinner because he will be spending it at Lainey’s house. Beverly doesn’t want that to happen and invites Lainey and her father Bill over for Thanksgiving. Against Bev’s wishes they bring food, including a turkey that Bill plans to fry. Beverly and Bill start competing about who makes the best food and whose life is sadder.

Meanwhile, Murray and Marvin bond over Knight Rider (“Bros watching shows”) and when they find out K.I.T.T. will be in the Thanksgiving Day parade, they go over there to see it. Without Adam, even though he was the one who brought it to Murray’s attention. When Adam finds out that his dad and uncle went to the parade without him, he makes a plan to turn Murray and Marvin against each other. It works and they start fighting again. To get back at his brother, Marvin comes up with the idea (with a little help from Adam) to take a picture inside K.I.T.T. He can get into the mall where the parade floats are stored because he is the new security guard there and takes Adam with him. But a picture isn’t enough so Marvin takes the car for a drive to the Goldberg house.

While Murray is arguing with Marvin about bringing home K.I.T.T., the frying of Bill’s turkey goes terribly wrong when there’s an explosion causing the bird to land on the hood of the car. Bill realizes that there’s only reason of why this happened: Beverly sabotaged his turkey. With the two fighting brothers and the rift between Bill and Beverly, there’s a lot of tension in the house and Bill (and Lainey) and Marvin decide to leave.

Adam tells Murray that it was his fault that they are now fighting and Murray goes to Marvin to tell him he was right. Seeing the two brothers get along again makes Beverly realize that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for everybody around you. She goes over to Bill to apologize and tells him that they are part of the Goldberg family now. After all the problems are solved, the whole family, including Marvin, Bill and Lainey, enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

The Goldbergs’ Thanksgiving episodes are always a lot of fun. I love Uncle Marvin, so seeing him back was great and it was nice that he and Murray got along for once. However, the scenes where they are fighting were pretty great as well, the screaming matches between the two brothers will never get old.

In the other storyline, I really liked it that Bill was actually nice to Barry. Like Barry said, it’s the first time Bill has really accepted Barry as his daughter’s boyfriend. Bill’s dynamic with Beverly is always great and seeing them in a cook-off was hilarious.

Erica’s decision to become a vegetarian was a fun little joke throughout the episode and it made me laugh every time she was on screen, especially because of the reaction of everybody else.

The episode ends in the spirit of Thanksgiving: the family is “being thankful for the people that are here, even though they drive you crazy”, which really is the perfect ending to this great episode!

Review: 9.5/10

Best part of the episode