Empire: (S03E06) “Chimes at Midnight”

 “Chimes at Midnight” Those familiar with the work of Orson Welles may remember the play and movie, of the same name.  It is a piece about the relationship between a father and son and betrayal. Although this is usual and customary for the Lyons, tonight was perhaps one of the best this season. I’m the kind of viewer that loves the unexpected and the twist, “ya’never see coming” This episode was good with a major “What?!”

 There are several side stories in this episode that are hitting all cylinders and the hi- lights are many. Yet the top story is  Empire servers are hacked. $1 million dollars is demanded, per hour to make it stop! The prospects of sex, lies, video tapes, money laundering are even prostitution threaten the business, if exposed. This also gives Tariq a way in to review the Empire files and documents. Cyber attacks are federal.  I didn’t know that, yet it makes sense, in a crossing “state lines” kinda’ way. Lucious believes Shine is just a self proclaimed thug with out the know how or care (about) to do this. He also feels Tariq is not the hacker either. It’s too messy.  His brother just wants him in jail.  So who is it? Refusing to pay, the search is on.

 Meanwhile, a nude text of Cookie hits the airwaves, (she had 1 sent to Angelo) All the music tracks and masters are captured and they are locked out of the system.  The hunt for the hacker continues.

 Jamal continues to struggle with his pain meds. Mixing his pills with alcohol; he’s out of his mind high. After a cheap thrill with his ex “D Major, he’s found unconsciousness and revived by a cold shower. Intervention and rehab?

Hakeem continues to whine for Nessa.  She doesn’t want to be in the middle of the brothers, yet she’s clearly chosen ‘Dre. And being the kinder older brother, Andre finally speaks to Hakeem regarding this situation “as brother to brother” Standing very close, he calmly says, “You better fall back, boy” 

 Cookie backs away from Angelo to save further embarrassment to his career goals. Yet during a street- side interview, he speaks up regarding women’s rights to privacy and takes off his shirt.  Cookie, watching on her television screams with joy and proclaims, “I love you, Angelo!” ‘Shocked, she looks around to see if she really said this out loud and if any one heard her! Sweet. 

 Andre is named President of Empire’s streaming services after he finds the info on who’s behind the hack.  It’s Gram, fellow rapper, rival of Hakeem and former boo of Tiana. He is left for Shine and his boys to “deal with” All is well; The End, yes?

 However, in a final twist; Andre, reveals who’s really behind the hack. Remember Empire is about love, hate, loyalty and betrayal within the music industry and…family.   If Lucious is molding his boys in his image, he can claim success; “mirror-mirror” Stay tuned, for the next episode!