HTGAWM (S03E08): “No More Blood”  

Review: Before we tune in for the mid-season finale tonight, let’s take a look at last week’s episode! Connor and Oliver got back together, Frank creepily broke into Laurel’s apartment (twice!), Wes and Laurel were in a happy honeymoon bubble, and Bonnie decided that Frank just wasn’t worth the trouble. Also, in flash forward land, Wes may or may not be a snitch!

The first flash forward shows us Annalise in her jail cell with Bonnie. Annalise accuses Bonnie of being the anonymous source who snitched and lead to her current disposition, but Bonnie denies being the snitch. She promises to find out who it is, but judging by the flash forward last week Annalise might already know it’s Wes.

In the present day, Bonnie wakes up Annalise and informs her that Frank is back. Bonnie recruits Frank to help the gang out by framing Charles Mahoney once again, taking the focus away from Wes, who’s been summoned to appear in court to testify.

Laurel/Wes/Frank: Neither Wes nor Laurel is happy about Frank being back in their lives. Still, Frank manages to convince Laurel to let him stay at her apartment for the night. Though Laurel assures Wes that nothing happened between them, the show sure does want us to have our doubts. But Laurel spends the episode being a super supportive girlfriend, as Wes lies on the stand to frame Charles Mahoney and cover his own ass after his epic fail of lying to the cops about the shooting.

Also, Wes and Laurel manage to do a piss poor job at hiding their relationship, as Annalise figures it out on her own and they decide to flaunt their newfound couple-dom at the hospital where Meggy works!

Keating Five: The rest of the Keating 5 aren’t happy about Frank’s return either. Michaela and Connor don’t want anything to do with the whole thing. Asher is the only one who wants to stick around to help Wes. Though that could be because he’s curious about Frank’s new beardless look. As a stall tactic, they leak Wes’s medical records to Charles’s team, which makes them want Wes to undergo a psychological evaluation before testifying. Wes passes with flying colors!  

Annalise/Soraya: Soraya’s husband wants a divorce, full custody, their house and spousal support and the lawyer Annalise recommended can’t help Soraya, because she initially pled guilty to the charges of recklessly endangering her children. Annalise can certainly relate to pleading guilty to avoid a scandal, and she agrees to help. Annalise later tries to convince Soraya to appeal the child endangerment plea, but Soraya think it’s impossible to fight it. Annalise wants Soraya to fight instead of just crying for help and giving in to her ex-husband. She gets through to Soraya and then promptly becomes her new lawyer!

Frank/Bonnie:  Frank frames Charles again by breaking into the house of Lisa Cameron, an associate of Wallace Mahoney who slept with Frank in the flashbacks last season and offered him a huge chunk of money, which in turn led to Frank indirectly causing the car crash that killed Annalise’s baby. For a hot minute, Frank takes “an eye for an eye” very seriously, and he considers killing Lisa’s daughter, but ends up not doing it.

Instead, Frank places a phone call from her house to a burner phone, which Annalise bought and Laurel convinced Nate to make sure got delivered to Charles’s jail cell. Wes’s lawyer uses the information in court. Apparently, Lisa and Charles have been sleeping together for a while! Lisa claims that she hasn’t been in contact with Charles since he’s been arrested, but this is where Frank’s scheming comes in! The placed call gets used in court as evidence of contact between Lisa and Charles, effectively taking the focus away from Wes and destroying Charles’s alibi!

Connor/Oliver: Connor and Oliver are happily back together and sharing steamy showers. Until they’re not! When Oliver finds Connor secretly checking for updates on Wes’s court case, Connor shuts him down, not wanting to leave their happy little bubble. They get into a fight about Connor keeping things from him and Connor finds out that wanting to be alone wasn’t the only reason Oliver broke up with him. Because Oliver wants a relationship based on honesty and thinks Connor is afraid to let him in. Oliver then accuses Connor of only loving the idea of him and using him as a security blanket because of the emotional damage he’s been carrying around! 

Michaela/Asher: Also happily together are Michaela and Asher, now that Michaela has started to let Asher in and stopped treating him like a meat stick. When Asher wonders why Michaela isn’t more concerned with Wes, she tells him that she’s not cold, but that she’s putting herself first. Asher wonders if it’s because of her mom and reminds her that his own father is dead and that he’d love a voice mail from him.  But Michaela’s said goodbye to her mom years ago and isn’t willing to reconnect with her in any way. 

The End: In the end, Wes returns the favor, promising that he’s there for Laurel, even if she doesn’t need him to be. I don’t know if any relationship of the K5 can be healthy, considering all those dead bodies, but they sure do come close.

Connor’s break-up with Oliver sets off Connor’s revenge arc, as he storms into Michaela’s apartment, breaks her table and tells her that he hates Oliver.  Asher – in the robe worn by all of three at this point – gives them a moment. And a moment is all he needs to screw up all the momentum he’s gained as a great boyfriend by answering a call from Michaela’s mother, as she’s consoling Connor in the other room.  

Additionally, Annalise comes home to find Bonnie sitting on her steps with a surprise: Frank is inside! Frank and Annalise have an emotional, tearful confrontation, where Frank finally apologizes to her. But when Annalise can’t seem to forgive him, Frank decides that the best way to fix the situation is by taking matters into his own hands. He grabs his gun and holds it to his head. Bonnie tries to convince him not to kill himself, as Annalise tries to convince him of the opposite and we’re left wondering what Frank will do… 

In the flash forward, Michaela, Oliver and Asher plead with Bonnie to tell them who the unidentified male is…

Who’s under the sheet? It’s Connor! Except it’s a different kind of sheet, as Connor’s under the sheet doing the dirty with Oliver’s almost-boyfriend Thomas. Truly below the belt kind of revenge!