NCIS NOLA: (S03E06) “One Good Man”

In a topic that is always current and never gets old; NCIS New Orleans, addresses the effects of abuse on its victims and family.

Young Corey Marchand was murdered weeks before becoming a Navy Seal.  His failure to complete a portion of the finals, Drown Proofing (graphic) leads the team to at first suspect the usual and customary in such cases, the coach.  Yet this proved to be a successful misdirection for the viewer.

In a side story, Danny (Loretta’s adopted son) sees joining the Navy as an opportunity. Loretta does not.   She’s seen too many “in the line of duty” dead.  Pride gets in the middle of course, not by choice; yet he attempts to mediate. There are some very nice family scenes here; something that is uncommon in shows of action.

And speaking of family, Melody,(Brianna Brown) one of LaSalle’s…”used to be” is, “blowing up his phone” Yet he ignores the calls,  for it was only a very short hook up years ago and he has no further interest.  She tracks him down and introduces him to Tucker; a toddler she claims is his son. Her incessant calling and what we know of LaSalle’s amorous past, makes this no surprise.  We were just waiting for the other shoe to drop. However, Brianna Brown often plays shady, unscrupulous characters. She could hold my interest should that type of character show up as Melody; although I do not like, “who’s the daddy” storylines. And then there’s Percy; who wasn’t privy to her “work” husband’s latest…

And speaking of scoundrels; this episode also brings back the shady, Mayor Hamilton (Steve Weber) He apparently knew of the alleged abuse yet just wanted it to go away. He promises to do something nice for the youth, which went in one ear and out the other for me.

Overall, the episode is well done, covering the unease of such topics as abuse, “baby daddy-baby mama drama” and how to be with your children when they’re ready to fly.