Supernatural (S12E06) “Celebrating Life of Asa Fox”

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Welcome back Supernatural Family to an all new episode on Thursday! Ready to get into those feels, well I’m not! But let’s survive together okay.

We start the show off with the a running scene in the woods. Young boy, in the woods, being chased by a werewolf, yup. He’s going to die. Is what we always think. But no, that werewolf get a bullet to the head! Guess who saved him? It was none other then Mamma Winchester! Being all cool and stuff! She saves the boy, explains to him what literally happened, and drop him off home. Now you think after that the kid may have a few nightmares or tell the story to others and they call him weird. Nope. This kid is dedicated. He save newspaper clippings of missing, murdered, or odd occurrences. Writes postcards to Mary he can never send, starts hunting himself, and does a pretty good job at it. Til he gets hung from a tree.

Netflix and junk food anyone? If so, you can join Jody on her couch. I would’ve loved to but sadly there was a knock at the door & the boys took over the couch. An for these next few minutes you actually see them being a FAMILY and its nice as hell. It’s a rare occasion when we get to see them having fun, being big kids, and around someone who ISN’T on death row. Pizza, Netflix, and relaxing..what could go wrong. Will a phone call what could go wrong. Jody tried to hide but the boys (being her boys) knew something was wrong. A good friend of here’s died, Asa Fox & he was a hunter. The boys recall that they use to hear weird stories about him and insist on going. For they’ve never been to a Hunter Gathering before, since Papa Winchester told him to stay away from them & were bad news. Jody doesn’t mind the moral support but wants the boys to shower after there hunt they had before entering her home. They have a 5hr drive. Wait, 5hrs?! To where Jody?!

Welcome to Canada all~

Pulling up to a nice house and greeted by loud drunk people. Yup, welcome to a Hunters Wake. Sam, Dean, and Jody all split up to get to mingle with others. Dean finds a group of Hunters who’ve heard stories about him & Sam & drink to “Wendigo”. Sam was able to find two twins who told there story of being raised by a witch, a Good Witch (not the Hansel & Gretal one). Yet, sadly interrupted  by a fanboying Elvis who asks a very uncomfortable question. So uncomfortable that even the Twins got on him about it. That was Sam que to leave & find Dean. Dean & Sam both talk about how being a Hunter is a tough job but you’ll die like a Hunter regardless. Since Sam though something supernatural caused his death but Dean found it no surprise at all. More loud talking, more drinking, some people leave, some stay, oh wait..did she just slit his throat with ease? Damn Lady. Yes, one of th hunters went upstairs for a drink, witch girl slit his throt, and she walked downstairs with drinks like it was nothing. All is cheerful telling old hunter stories…then a mysterious figure arrive. Is it a family member? Is is a psycho? No it’s Mamma Winchester. Let the feels train begin!

Here’s what went down in less then 5mins tops: Mamma Winchester shows up, she want s to know why they are there, they introduce Jody, Jody meets mom, Jody freaks out baout mom, Jody hugs mom, Jody can’t handle this NEW NEW NEW news, Jody has to slowly walk away and process this. But then Dean walks away as well. Why? Cause he’s mad & I agree with him. I get it that she’s trying to cope an all but you text you kids once a week or two weeks. But can drop it all to aim for Canada for someone you saved ages ago. Come on Mamma Winchester. As always Jody swoops in to assure Dean that she is there to talk if need be, even if she doesn’t know the full story at all. Dean goes for a drink, Mamma and Sam have a talk, then a lovely hugging moment. Then there’s the seeing of the body, thought a flashback would’ve happened of the boy again but instead we got blood dripping from the ceiling. Yeah, he’s dead. Round up the gang!

Sam announces that everyone needs to grab whatever weapon they brought cause that dude is dead upstairs. Sadly no one brought shit! Not even holy water after smelling all that damn sulfur! They blame the girl right off the bat but then 2nd guess. Yet they were right, an this demon is ready to play “Body Hop”. Leaves the girl’s body to find another, the house is warded so they can’t leave (thanks to the twins and there witchy powers), and they all split up to find this damn demon. Demon Group Hunt! Meanwhile outside Dean is being moody & wants no one to bother him. But Billie don’t care about his feelings! Yes, our Winchester Hating Reaper has returned! To reap! Sadly not the boys but the one dead inside. Dean tries everything to get in but no go since it’s warded. He basically demands Billie to pop him in like she does, a one time thing. It was the coolest one time thing ever1 That white light made it seem as though an angel was about to appear and I was going to be mad if one did! But nah, it’s good old Dean. The mom of Asa freaks & says he’s the demon. Dean was like, lady chill I’m on your side. But Elvis wasn’t. He was ready to fight, he’s possessed. Fight didn’t last long, demon was like I’m gonna have some fun, & snapped his neck a good 180. Gangs reunited again, power goes out, suprisingly they have FLASHLIGHTS but no HOLY WATER, Dean whips out the Demon Blade. The twins found that cool ( I just wanna say, I loved the twins), and devise a plan to exorcise this Demon Hanging on of a B****. As the circle is being formed everyone is being cautious of one another cause they don’t know who’s next. Jody thinks it’s Sam & Dean’s mom since she disappeared when they mentioned the plan. Jody then continues with yelling for them to KILL HER…Dean…Sam…that demon got Jody.

I for one yelled at my tv at this scene cause I didn’t want the demon to hurt Jody. Jody is basically like “another” mom to them when there mom wasn’t even there! She’s amazing! Demon go away! Easier said then done of course! Demon starts lashing out at everyone with laughter & then claps her hands an sticks everyone to the floor. Then secrets are revealed. The twins are actually the children of Asa, the Asa’s mom always sabotaged Asa’s stuff so he wouldn’t leave, and the biggest bomb ever! His own best friend actually killed him. Not a demon, ghost, or ghoul. His best friend. Well putting that aside, everyone did stat a group chant cause this demon was annoying as hell! An if I might say the best group demon cast out chant ever! Jody is okay but her possession did suck though. Now to the fat killing load of crap friend. Basically he accidentally shoved Asa since he felt as though Asa was being ignorant. He didn’t mean to, an didn’t want to take the he decided to hang Asa from a tree. That doesn’t make it better at all fool! At all!

At this point I want the twin witches to shove so many hex bags down his throat that you just don’t understand! But no, they said they’ll spread the word about him and what he did. Are you kidding me? Curse him! Shoot him! Well, I guess not. Being chased by professional hunters does seem like a pain..nevermind. We end the show with Asa’s mom apologizing to Mamma Winchester since she blammed her when she arrived for Asa’s hunting life, bodies are burned, Jody has one last talk with Mamma Winchester, and Sam finally asks her with the biggest smile if she’s coming home. (After Billie offers to tak her back to heaven but Mamma Winchester rejects the offer.) She says yes, but not yet. She crushed Sammy’s soul in a split second! But they asked if they could at least get her some breakfast. With lots of bacon? Of course Mamma Winchester. Of course.

P.S. For those that don’t know Supernatural Convention will be coming to Houston, TX & I so want to go since I live in Houston! Hopefully I can go!