Z Nation (S03E10) “They Grow Up So Quickly”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. In this episode we finally meet little Lucy, the daughter of Murphy and Serena, a.k.a Pie Girl. “They grow up so quickly” is a great episode, pretty colorful and fun. To maintain a balance, Murphy/10K storyline makes you wanna punch the blue guy in the face.

So what happened in this episode?

Lucy’s caretakers — or just Pa and Ma — capture Doc and Addy; when Pa is about to slice Doc’s throat, Lucy demands to play with them. Here we learn that just as her father, the little blue girl can control blends but she also can speak through them. Lucy introduces Doc and Addy to her cheerful group of friends: Zs in costumes, and demands to play hide and seek. Everyone obeys, and I when I say everyone I mean everyone, even Zs. Of course the game doesn’t have a happy ending because Doc has to mercy one of the zombies. This upsets Lucy and she runs away.

Lucy runs into an ender but she believes it’s a zombie and asks it to take her home. The Ender doesn’t obey and the girl gets scared, but aunty Addy shows up, saving her and gaining her trust. The fight between Addy and the ender is amazing!

Back at the house, Pa and Ma pack Lucy’s suitcase for the trip to meet her father — and we all know this isn’t true — while Doc tells her the story of how her biological parents met each other, a kind of apocalyptic fairy tale.

When everything’s ready, Addy, Doc and Lucy wait outside for Ma and Pa to say goodbye but they don’t appear so Doc goes to see what’s wrong… And everything is wrong. He finds them tied up and stabbed, he unties them and finds out they’re not dead. Ma tells him this is all his fault, Doc doesn’t understand what’s happening but he has to run or they’ll kill him. He rushes to Addy and finds her unconscious on the floor, he asks her about Lucy and Addy points the car: there are the child and The Man, who drives away, kidnaping the girl. After having to mercy Ma and Pa, Doc and Addy decide that the best choice they have is to split up: Doc has to go to a radio tower nearby and try to contact Citizen Z, while Addy goes to rescue little Lucy.

In the car Lucy seems pretty calm about all of this, she asks too many questions. When The Man can’t stand her anymore, he puts a bag over her head to make her shut up. And here comes the interesting thing: Lucy and Murphy appear to be connected because at the same time this happens, Murphy start experiencing difficulty breathing and all the same things his daughter is experiencing. When The Man removes the bag from her head, Lucy is not a kid anymore, but a preteen.

Murphy and 10K. To me me this was the boring part of the episode. Basically is Murphy talking to himself — although he’s talking to 10K but he doesn’t listen to him. Murphy needs to know if he can trust the young man and for this he needs him to stop being 10K and adopt a new name: Thomas. When Murphy pronounces that name something in 10K’s eyes change, so I’m not sure if it’s because he’s still struggling against Murphy’s control, or because he’s really upset but he’s playing the blue guy. We’ll have to wait. At the end of all the talking Murphy offers him an injector, which 10K rejects while Murphy rejoices telling him that his transformation is complete and then proceeds to assign Thomas his new mission: to find Warren and bring her to him.

I‘m not really sure that 10K is under Murphy’s control.

I believe there’re gonna be huge problems if Lucy and Murphy reunite because the girl loves Addy. And if she keeps on growing up this fast, the teenage Lucy is going to run away from her daddy and go straight to aunty Addy.

I wonder how The Man is going to manage to keep himself safe. Now he has upset Lucy, every Z in the world must be looking for him.