Arrow: (S05E07) “Vigilante”

Review: Does anyone else see Laurel Lance in Susan Williams? I know this is not the best way to start a review, but I just really had to point that out!

The Team Arrow finally looks like an actual team. They’re getting all emotional and working well together while searching for these new villains. Some progress in the show, at last! The cutest moment of the episode was when Rene surprised Dig by bringing his family in, so they could all celebrate the little kid turning two. It was really nice!

Meanwhile, Lance thinks he is the new vigilante and he is talking that theory through with Thea. But I mean, do we believe that? Can Lance fight, on the same impressive level that the vigilante can? I’m sure there’s a story behind this, but it’s not going to be this obvious. He clearly has drinking issues and it’s coming after him.

I’d like the idea of Oliver dating. Sure, he isn’t really good at it, we know that, but maybe he needs some romance again. Felicity moved on and it’s time for him to do the same.

And would you look like that! I didn’t like Evelyn (because of her boring acting) and she ends up partnering up with the enemy. That’s how the episode ended.

Was the episode boring? Not necessarily, I like the fact that they presented some new villains, but everything is blending together for me and I hardly see any progress. It’s the 7th episode already, I’d like it to move forward by now.