Van Helsing (S01E10) “Stay Away”

So I guess with a lot of the kick ass episodes that we have been getting for the last 9 episodes I guess we needed at least one episode where it would be kinda slow paced and a reliever or so we think but damn that Tom Cavanagh first he plays the awesome kick ass speedster Reverse Flash in the Flash series and now he played a evil but yet innocent looking villain on here, but I will get to that in a bit. I will say that it seemed like that whole ending though did seem kinda weird but I will get to that in a bit.

So in this episode we started out with Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and the rest of the group sleeping out in the out skirts of where they heard the bell sound. The group is then attacked by a group of vampires the vampires almost got a hold of Susan (Hilary Jardine) but Vanessa took care of the vampires. The last two vampires where taken care of by Eden Hunter (Maya Nadine), the group is then taken by the hunters to their fortress of solitude known as Eden (which used to be a psychiatric hospital) when Susan sees the “psychiatric facility” part of the sign she already thinks its a place of loonies.

The group meets the leader of the Eden fortress of solitude, Micah (Tom Cavanagh) who rushes the group inside to take cover while Micah takes care of some business. The group sees the business he needs to take care of is with Magdalene (Gwynth Walsh), Micah says they are early for their shipment this week but Magdalene demands for their half. Once the vampires leave the group chooses to take their time to look around but some don’t trust the place already. Susan and Vanessa notice there are a lot of pregnant women but no children running around, no fathers to these pregnant women, they get suspicious until Peggy (Pippa Mackie) starts having to deliver her baby but scared, Vanessa and Susan do what they can to help Doc (Rukiya Bernard) with a successful C-Section the baby and Peggy both live.

Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) then chooses to snoop around to find answers when he comes across Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) t-shirt and then looks for him but ends up getting locked in a cupboard, Sam works on trying to get out. Its then revealed that Mohammad is on the mend from eating that horrible mushroom and Emma (Christie Burke) was taking care of him. Doc then tells Vanessa the whole truth about what happened at the farm and Vanessa is sickened by the fact that she doesn’t trust Doc anymore so she bands her away from the group.

When Sam gets out he is then reunited with Mohammad and everything should be nice and happy, right? Wrong! Sam chokes the life out of the man who locked him up and tells Mohammad to keep it a secret. Sam then reveals what he found out about Micah and Magdalene they used to run the psychiatric facility together and they were married. When they bring this truth out to the people of Eden they are sickened by the fact of that and Flesh (Vincent Gale) kills Micah.

In the end the group ventures off and Doc ventures her own way but stumbles upon Magdalene to warn her of Vanessa and her group coming her way. Doc then begs Magdalene to give her her immortal life back and to let her feel what its like to be a vampire again. When Magdalene starts to bite her Doc’s blood is so tainted that it can’t turn Doc back into a vampire and tells her to never seek her out again. Doc then looks at all the skeletons of the babies that were sacrificed to the vampires.

Next episode: Van Helsing (S1E11): Last Time airs Friday November 25, 2016