Bob’s Burgers (S07E06) “Larger Brother, Where Fart Thou?”

Plot Summary:

Tina has a mishap that gets her thrown into detention, forcing Bob and Linda to let Gene and Louise stay home alone; Bob and Linda get into a jam with their accountant.

In this episode we see Tina fall in love with another boy in her grade. As she tries to talk to him she sees him sent to Detention. So of course she decides to get herself sent to detention too. This causes Tina to imagine a couple good music sequences.

Because Tina got detention Bob and Linda had no choice and made Gene the babysitter for Louise while they go to their accountants. That might have been a bad idea for them to leave Gene in charge but it will be funny. Once alone Gene and Louise decide to go make some food and find a rotten cantaloupe which means they can have some fun with it.  They chose to throw the cantaloupe out the which ends up having a bad outcome for them.

While at their meeting with their accountant Bob and Linda get some cookies that was delivered to Gerald from another client. After they each have a couple cookies Gerald receives a call from that client saying he gave him the wrong cookies. Those cookies have marijuana in them which causes all three of them to become high.

Bob, Linda and Gerald end up hiding in his office from other clients because they aren’t too sure what will happen if they leave. But after a while Bob and Linda choose to brave the world and head home.

This episode was hilarious. I really liked they changed things by making Gene in charge of babysitting. We have seen how well Tina has done it in the past.