Bob’s Burgers (S07E06) “The Quirkducer’s”

Plot Summary:

Gene and Louise try to ruin their day-before-Thanksgiving play to save their long weekend; Linda finds a potato that resembles her late grandfather.

Tonight we get another great Thanksgiving episode! Every year we see Bob try to better himself with each festive Thanksgiving dinner.

Louise and Gene decided that they did not want to see another Mr. Frond Thanksgiving Day parade because they are so bad, and take up time fro their half day off from school. Then Louise gets a great idea, they enlist Tina’s help by using some fun ideas from her erotic friend fiction. It takes some convincing but Mr. Frond eventually gives in and agrees to make the play “The Quirky Turkey”.

This leads them to hold open auditions with all their friends being cast in their play. Louise makes sure she gets the worst people to help with the play hoping the play will get shut down.  She decides to not tell Tina her plan. Tina gets furious when she finds out what Louise has planned.

While back at the restaurant Bob and Linda peel potatoes to get fries ready but Linda notices something weird. She finds a potato that is the spitting image of her late Grandfather.  This makes Linda obsessed with the potato and she takes it everywhere she goes.

In the end Louise realizes she might have taken her play plans too far but Tina was there to fix it in her quirky way.

I was very happy with this year’s Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s Burgers. They always make a hysterical holiday episode for us. Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Happy Thanksgiving!